Successful Woman in IT: Motivation from Nataly Tabachyn

08 Mar, 2016 1

“Despite the prejudices in society, more women take leadership positions,” believes Nataly Tabachyn, the head of Nravo Kids which produces educational games for children. She advises women not to be afraid to work in a new field and constantly improve themselves. Lviv IT Cluster spoke with Nataly about how to be a successful woman in IT.

“Our team is an equal mix of men and women,” says Nataly. Women generate ideas, translate, copywrite, and test the games; and men are mostly programmers. “The market still has more male programmers because women are choosing other spheres more often”, explains Nataly. She herself came to IT from the restaurant business, and encourages women not to be afraid to try themselves in a new area.
[1] 4 1920“Changing the professional field is scary since you never know whether a new team will accept you. There are many stereotypes about age or appearance,” she adds. However, the main thing is to decide to work in a new field. “A woman must want to learn, grow, and develop because she has chosen this area. There will always be skeptics, but one should not pay attention to them,” advises Nataly. She is positive that the most important thing is to have a strong motivation such as the desire to work in IT. Then all the doors will open.

“Women are great managers since multitasking is a norm for them,” continues Nataly. In particular, they manage to balance both family and career: “There is always a good result when a team consists of many men and women because it is a great combination of different approaches to work.” She gives an example of Nravo Kids which creates games for children. Moms who work in the company have a lot of ideas for the new projects, so it is easy for them to work on this direction.
[1] 1920Nataly advises women not to doubt themselves and continue learning to be successful in the profession. “A woman should not just get a degree and think it is the finish since other spheres are dominated by men.  On the contrary, there are many different courses, and one must constantly learn and try themselves,” says Nataly. She believes that men would only support smart women who want to work in a team, and everything depends on the motivation.

To promote successful women, Nravo Kids created the hashtag #GreatMoms (#ФайніМами). “This way, we get to write about great moms who are successful not only in the family, but develop careers. They can work on big business or small startups, but all improve themselves in the professional field,” says Nataly.  According to her, these are the successful women because they develop and set an example on how to grow professionally in IT sphere in particular.