Successful Woman in IT: Opportunities from Khrystyna Hnatyuk

11 Mar, 2016

“We should not dive into the stereotypes because this is how they are born,” says Khrystyna Hnatyuk, Director of Talent management and Administrative services at Lohika. For ten years that she works in IT, she notes positive changes since more women get involved in the sector and become leaders. Lviv IT Cluster spoke with Khrystyna on how to grow professionally and improve IT education.

“In IT, I grew from being HR-specialist to the Director of the Department. All this time, we have been moving together with my team, colleagues and leaders, both men and women who respect and support each other regardless of gender,” says Khrystyna. According to her, many gender stereotypes are artificial, and everything depends on personal motivation and priorities.
Hnatyuk 2When Khrystyna joined IT, she did not know much about the industry or the gender stereotypes in it. Thanks to this, she could explore the sphere impartially. Although there are fewer women in the field, this trend is changing, and Khrystyna has not faced negative stereotypes about women’s qualification for a long time.  “There are some managers who believe programming is only for men, but they are rather exceptions,” she adds.

For more girls to join the sphere, there should be grants and scholarships for them, or additional benefits. As an example, Khrystyna uses her own company where the female employees can have a flexible schedule and high payouts during the decree. “However, it is essential to start with the family education. From an early childhood, the girls should know that there is a world of possibilities for them, and their dreams should not in any way depend on others’ opinions or ancient superstitions,” she assures.IMG_7635 copy“In our company, more and more leaders are trying to make women join their IT teams. This confirms that women are just as good as men when it comes to professional performance, responsibility, and they have a positive impact on the atmosphere in the team,” concludes Khrystyna. She advises to have confidence in oneself and take a step toward a career in IT.