VITech joined Lviv IT Cluster

19 Jan, 2017

We are really glad to announce that a new member has just joined Lviv IT Cluster! Meet VITech – established in 2008 and focused on healthcare and biotech business areas.

VITech provides excellent operations with large volumes of data (BigData), to explore and transform these studies from certain assumptions into real, working, useful solutions.

The main goal of the company is making quality products that bring value to people and change the world.
14225521_1247883215251388_3144339461972948913_nVITech works in the healthcare domain and about 40 M patients use their services every day. During 10 years of work, the company has made all critical technical decisions. They’ve found and seen so many interesting things that they had to organize an R&D division. That is why VITech’s work is both interesting and responsible.

The company’s team is holistic, adults with a clear vision of what they want and how to achieve this. That’s why personal growth in VITech is not a good slogan or HR fiction, it’s a daily necessity for everyone. The company only supports the initiatives of its crew. Working in VITech – everyone can implement their capabilities, skills and goals. In VITech they appreciate when a person knows what they want and how to achieve this.
vitechGeneral development of IT sector is important for VITech, because they understand that everyone is united a single ecosystem now and collaboration is the only way for good future.

“Becoming part of Lviv IT Cluster is another opportunity to participate in the change of the country. It gives our team more opportunity to develop and mutually share knowledge and expertise within educational projects and programs” – says Victor Sarapin, CEO VITech.

Lviv IT Cluster CEO Stepan Veselovskyi welcomed VITech and expressed confidence in future cooperation:

“We have been familiar with the work of this company for a long time and we can see a great desire to develop IT in Lviv among its employees. We are happy that more people like this are joining Lviv IT Cluster. In the near future you can expect even more successful projects”.

Read more about VITech on the company’s website.