The Pitch Deck for the Ukrainian Tech Industry Presented by the Joint Initiative of Tech Stakeholders

07 Feb, 2022

TechUkraine in partnership with UNIT.City, Ministry of Digital Transformation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and many other stakeholders of the sphere created the pitch deck for the Ukrainian tech industry – Everything is TECHable with Ukraine.

During 9 months of developing the project “How to Pitch Ukrainian Tech”, the project team went through several stages: 

  • Launched all-Ukrainian survey.
  • Conducted several meetings with ecosystem stakeholders – ideathons and brainstorms.
  • Presented the concept.
  • Implemented it into: a joint initiative of the Ukrainian ecosystem pavilion at Web Summit and the promo video of presenting the tech ecosystem by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and TechUkraine.

Key messages of the the pitch deck:

UKRAINE: Europe’s biggest Tech country
  • Ukraine is a blooming tech talent pool. We power global tech engines. It’s BRAINing here.
  • Entrepreneurship hub: Start easy, develop fast, grow global with Ukraine. The land of tech freedom.
  • World’s R&D lab. Everything is TECHable with Ukraine.
Based on the presentation “How to pitch Ukrainian tech”, Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem Overview platform developed the landing page for the project and represented the overview of the tech landscape of Ukraine.
  • Key messages.
  • Tech talent pool.
  • World’s R&D lab.
  • Benefits for corporates, startups, investors.
  • Service and product companies.
  • Favourable conditions for business.
Everything is TECHable with Ukraine!