Ukrainian Startup Raises More than $100 Million Investment

Grammarly, a startup from Kyiv raises $110 million investment money. General catalyst, IVP and Spark Capita became the main investors during the public round.

The startup was founded by two friends in 2009. Since then, Grammarly became one of the best grammar checkers and its developer’s team has growth to 100 people. $110 million of investments is the record amount of money for Ukraine, moreover, it’s the first money from investors in this project ever. Grammarly founders say, they will use this money to make the company bigger.

Grammarly – is a service that checks texts for grammar and syntax mistakes. The service works using artificial intelligence. It’s possible to use the service both for private and professional communication. Grammarly is free, but you can buy a special premium service which includes more options – checking the text’s plagiarism and recommendations for the text’s improvements regarding the writing style. Grammarly works as an app and as an extension for Google Chrome browser.

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