Vakoms HQ Moves To a New Office

Vakoms, a software development company, has moved to a new office on 253, Zelena Street, Lviv.

Vakoms HQ now resides in a newly-built A-class business center “Graphite”, matching the company’s plans to scale in the near future.

Vakoms celebrated the new office opening by having a little party with champagne and cake. The company founders cut the ribbon and gave a speech, congratulating the employees.

Vakoms’s managing partner Andriy Shevchyk commented on the event:

The new office has numerous benefits: a more convenient location, nifty facade and interior, high standard amenities, powerful air filtering, and climate control system. Hopefully, the open space will contribute to the revival of our unique pre-pandemic working atmosphere of friendliness, teamwork, and continuous knowledge sharing.”


Vakoms is a full-cycle development company, having 11 years of experience in creating software and firmware. The company works with various industries, including IoT (home automation), train manufacturing, healthcare, marketing and ads, 3D modeling, VR/AR, and delivers IT solutions for startups, SMEs, and enterprise clients.

Vakoms is currently looking for new talents, the list of openings can be found on the company’s page on DOU.

Follow Vakoms Youtube Channel to look at the new office from the inside.