Veo Worldwide Joins Lviv IT Cluster

13 May, 2022

Veo Worldwide – a multinational group of companies, always pushing things to discover more of this amazing business of clearance and responsible economy, joins Lviv IT Cluster. With more than 15 years of experience, Veo Worldwide has an international team of 750+ skilled professionals effectively collaborating from 12 offices in 7 countries. In Ukraine, the Group has 68 specialists, 23 of them are IT professionals, at its office in Lviv.

Veo Worldwide provides a comprehensive range of B2B services; in the IT area, the Group specializes in web and mobile apps development, business intelligence, SAP, and other CRM and ERP systems development and support.

Group’s operations, once confined to a single city in Romania, now stretch around the globe. But, the values that have long shaped Veo Worldwide – competence, engagement, continuous improvement, solidarity, and transparency – remain unchangeable. The Group always seeks people with different backgrounds, different skills, and different lived experiences but who are constantly eager to grow and are true team players.

Russia’s ongoing unjustified war is a heartbreaking display of brutality and violation of the fundamental principles of freedom and sovereignty that Veo Worldwide shares with Ukraine. Since the beginning of this brutal russian invasion of Ukraine, the Group has remained steadfast in its commitment to support its Ukrainian colleagues and their families, helping them relocate, accommodate and organize workplaces in its international offices.

“Despite the war, Veo Worldwide continues working and respects all commitments to its business partners. We keep on growing and continue recruiting in Ukraine, as well as helping Ukrainians find jobs in our multinational offices. Our Group holds on to the analysis of investment opportunities in Lviv business real estate infrastructure and has clear intentions to acquire an office in Lviv. We are very glad to join Lviv IT Cluster. I do believe that our cooperation will be very effective and mutually beneficial. We share the same values and principles and are eager to develop both the IT industry and our city”, says Serhii Lutsiuk, Branch Manager in Ukraine.

“I see a positive dynamics in the IT ecosystem of Lviv – more and more companies want to cooperate and develop the tech industry in the city. We are happy Veo Worldwide also shares these goals and has decided to join our community. Hope for fruitful and long-term cooperation”, adds Stepan Veselovskyi, СЕО of Lviv IT Cluster.