Brainence Joins Lviv IT Cluster

19 May, 2021

Brainence is a team of skilled professionals in outsourcing and software development services dedicated to the establishment of a win-win business relationship between companies. Launching 20+ digital solutions every year starting from 2016, the company reduces engineering risk for clients by offering rapid time-to-market while delivering standards-based software code that can be transitioned to an internal team at any time. The clients of Brainence range from funded startups developing an MVP to established companies and world-famous enterprises.

“We are happy to be a part of Lviv IT Cluster, for us it is an indicator that we are moving and developing properly. We are happy to join companies that develop the IT Services market in our city and in Ukraine in general,” Andrii Kornytskii, CEO and co-owner of Brainence.

“I am happy to know that such collaboration helps Cluster to promote and support not only Lviv but also the IT community of the whole country. Brainence joining Lviv IT Cluster proves that together we can not only strengthen our relations between companies but also reach a new level,” adds Stepan VeselovskyiLviv IT Cluster CEO.