Israel IT Joins Lviv IT Cluster

31 Jul, 2020

Israel IT has been operating on the software market since 2018. The company has implemented 100+ successful projects for global companies.

Israel IT develops technical solutions in the fields of pharmacology, medicine, education, recreation, sports, finance and others. The company consists of a dedicated team of 160+ talented professionals from all over the country, who work on quality technical products for customers from Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France and the Netherlands.

israel-fbIsrael IT CEO Oleksandra Usiemwanta believes that the growth of the Lviv IT community shows the readiness of different companies to unite in order to share experiences and reach a new level of competitiveness. “We are proud to be a part of Lviv IT Cluster because we all work for a common goal to become the IT capital of Ukraine and this is another chance to express ourselves in the world. It is very good that there are platforms where like-minded people gather to share experiences and become a better version of themselves”, says Oleksandra Usiemwanta, CEO of Israel IT. “We work with different technologies and clearly understand that there are still many innovations ahead. Of course, we believe that through hard work we will also be involved in future innovations. We, in turn, are also ready to share experiences in order to achieve a common goal,” adds the Israel IT CEO.

“We appreciate each of our companies that trust us and join the association. Our growth enables more impact on the development of the city through our projects aimed at promotion of the IT sector, development of education and infrastructure. United, we can make our city attractive to investors and potential clients. I hope with Israel IT we will launch numerous innovative projects and will have fruitful cooperation,” comments Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO at Lviv IT Cluster.