Welcome Movadex to Lviv IT Cluster

04 Oct, 2021

Movadex is a design & development agency with a twist. The company transforms the mundane and boring staff into a unique and intense experience! Since 2017 the company has been developing innovative projects for clients in different industries: healthcare, cyber-security, management, and much more! Movadex was recognized as a top design agency on Clutch, the top logo design agency in Ukraine according to The Manifest, the company has 200+ successful projects, and 100+ satisfied clients.
“My team is flabbergasted with the news of us being a new addition to the Lviv IT Cluster. Lviv is a heart of Ukraine, and we want to do everything to make it the IT heart of Ukraine — progressive and technologically advanced. We’ll be happy to cooperate with every member of the Cluster, as every team’s experience is unique and there’s always something to share. Thank you!”Norayr Kagramanyan, СЕО of Movadex.

The team of Movadex considers that business shouldn’t be boring, and they work every day to make it less so! Movadex is proud to have a chance to strengthen the IT industry in Ukraine and the world demonstrating that Ukrainian professionals are the best.
for-fb2021-09-23-4“The amount of IT companies in Lviv is increasing quite fast, the same as Lviv IT Cluster’s new members. We appreciate your attention to our projects that are aimed at the development of the IT industry in Lviv. I believe that our cooperation will be fruitful and launch even more successful projects together,” Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO at Lviv IT Cluster.