Welcome SPsoft to Lviv IT Cluster

30 Jun, 2020
SPsoft is the most recent business venture of Mike Lazor, who had been one of Epam Lviv leaders for 10 years and has experience in building teams from 0 to 1,000 software engineers to provide services to the world’s leading companies. Mike is also the owner of the business center and IT business ecosystem synergy.lviv.ua, where the doors are always open to members of the Lviv IT community.

SPsoft offers IT Outsourcing 2.0, not just providing the customer with the necessary software development services, but developing solutions that comprehensively solve business problems and provide the greatest value in the shortest possible time.

Distinctive features of the company:

– prototyping of the PoC for a client in 1 week from the first call, even before the contract is finalized;
– flexible management and optimization of resources involved in client projects (no dozens of engineers for years);
– lean teams of senior developers;
– culture of treating the client’s projects as own business;

– equity options for key team members;

SPsoft was founded in 2018, but its members are well known both in the Lviv IT community and outside Lviv. These are professionals with hundreds of man-years of cumulative experience gained working on enterprise-grade projects. Among them are the leaders of Lviv Ruby community pivorak.com, ex-leading frontend developers of SoftServe and Grid Dynamics, internationally recognized specialists in cybersecurity and machine learning algorithms from 70+ thematic publications. Every team member was involved in dozens of successful projects, from startups to international corporations.


“I missed those of you I know and haven’t seen for a long time. I’m glad to meet and make new friends with those I don’t know. See you all at events!”, says Mike Lazor.

“We are happy to welcome SPsoft to our organization, which is steadily growing. I hope our cooperation will be fruitful and bring numerous projects aimed at the development of IT industry in Lviv,” says Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO at Lviv IT Cluster.