Innovation District IT Park Construction to Start in Autumn

11 Oct, 2017

Lviv is almost ready to start the construction of its biggest infrastructure project scheduled to launch in autumn. The complex will be able to accommodate 10, 000 employees.

IT Park – a project with 6 office buildings, 2 business centers, a hotel, a shopping mall, a university, and a kindergarten. The total area of the project is around 10 hectares. It will be built on the crossroads of Stryiska, Chmoly, Kozelnytska and Luhanska Street. The IT Park lays in the easy reach from the airport, railway station, universities and the historic center of the city.

It is expected that the IT Park will be a place that offers comfortable working conditions, networking opportunities and will become a hub for transforming new ideas into startups. Moreover, the Innovation District IT Park will support educational programs. A 6,000 m2 university will be built on the IT Park’s territory. The office facilities will be built and equipped with the newest technologies and designed taking into account the IT companies’ desires. The first stage of construction of the IT Park will last approximately 2,5 years, and the first round of investments will equal nearly 95 million dollars. The second stage of the construction will last up to 5 or 6 years.

The first confirmed residents of the park include SoftServe, N-iX, GlobalLogic, Intellias, and Perfectial. They will occupy an office area of 50,000 m2.

“There are 65 companies in Lviv IT Cluster now and we know our members very well and understand their needs. We’ve made a survey among local IT companies and the results showed us that the location on Stryiska-Chmoly is the best area logistic-wise. The main thing is that we need to cooperate together with other IT companies. To cooperate, but not compete – is the main idea of Lviv IT Cluster. Every company in Lviv has its own area of expertise. Due to the project’s scale and joint efforts, we hope to attract new big clients.” – Comments Andrew Pavliv, Supervisory Board Chairman, Lviv IT Cluster, CEO & Co-Founder, N-iX.

“We’re really proud that so many smart people work on a large-scale project like this here in Lviv. Of course, we should aim to provide them with the best conditions for work and leisure. I believe that this project will become fundamental for the city’s development. In the long run, the IT Park will help to shape Lviv as a business hub”. – Volodymyr Zhenchak, Developer & Investor, Innovation District IT Park.

“Success isn’t something that happens overnight, it requires a commitment to quality and perseverance. Most IT companies follow this mindset. We need to ask ourselves –what can we do to improve the quality of education. The IT Park will become a creative environment where promising students can learn and self-develop. This environment evolves around subjects including bioethics, ethics of technology, IT Law, etc”. – Taras Dobko, Senior Vice-Rector, Ukrainian Catholic University.

 “Last year we had the first presentation of our project the Innovation District IT Park. This year we’re taking it one step further – we already have our first investors and residents. The IT Park is a project that proves that the Lviv IT industry is not only ready to consume, but also to create a new infrastructure for the city. The IT Park aims to be a center for development of the Lviv IT industry providing all means for a thriving business environment.”Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO, Lviv IT Cluster.

 “We talk about a creative economy a lot lately. However, we don’t just want to talk about it – we want to build it, and to be active participants. It’s very interesting for SoftServe to be involved in innovative projects like the IT Park since there are not many similar Ukrainian projects. The project is a unique synergy of universities, business, developers, and the government. It’s just the start of turning our city into the creative economy. I’m confident that the IT Park will become the go-to place for entrepreneurs and startups to inspire their business ideas, and those talented people will be taught and motivated there.” – Oleh Denys, Executive Vice President, SoftServe.

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