729 Students Already Applied for Cluster Programs

13 Jul, 2018

Yesterday, on July 12, the enrollment campaign at institutions of higher education in Ukraine has started. We have counted the number of applications the entrants have submitted to study on innovation programs by Lviv IT Cluster on the first day of the campaign. The entrants may submit their applications online for two more weeks.

The number of entrants’ submissions in the competitive selection is determined according to the website of the Unified State Electronic Education Database (USEED) as of 8:00 on July 13.

More than 500 applications have already been submitted to the curriculum in the Lviv Polytechnic, namely 80 to the bachelor’s program Internet of Things, 239 to the bachelor’s program Artificial Intelligence, 7 to the bachelor’s program Robotics, 58 to the bachelor’s program Business Analysis & Data Science, and 138 to the bachelor’s program Cybersecurity.

Regarding Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, 54 applications have already been submitted to bachelor’s program Data Science & Intelligent Systems, 50 applications to Data Science and 94 to Computer Science.

9 applications have been submitted to the Lviv State University of Life Safety to the bachelor’s program Cybersecurity.

Also, as of 09:00 on July 13, 130,285 personal electronic cabinets were created on the website of the USEED and 141,562 electronic applications were submitted.

At the same time, we recommend the entrants not to leave the submission of electronic applications until the last days of the enrollment campaign. As a reminder, registration of personal electronic cabinets on the website is possible for entrants by July 25, and filing applications through registered electronic cabinets is possible until 18:00 on July 26.

If you are interested in computers and IT, we offer you to choose innovative training programs at Lviv universities. For more information on Lviv IT Cluster training programs, check the link.