Wirex Joins Lviv IT Cluster

27 Apr, 2022

Wirex is a UK-based FCA-licensed FinTech company that developed one of the first payment platforms that allow clients to seamlessly use digital and traditional currencies in one single app. Wirex provides customers with the ability to open multi currency accounts and make money transfers and currency exchanges. Currently, more than 4,5 million people use Wirex Visa and MasterCard in 130 countries.

Wirex is based in London, with offices in Singapore, Dallas, Dublin, and Atlanta. The R&D center is located in Ukraine, with hubs in Kyiv, Lviv, and Kharkiv. In addition to the Wirex App, at the end of 2021, the company introduced a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet Wirex Wallet for De-Fi apps and NFT. Wirex’s mission is to empower people to enjoy the advantages of a world where all currencies are equal.

Wirex condemns Russia’s military action and encroachment on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and considers shelling the civilians to be genocide against the Ukrainian people and a violation of fundamental human rights. Due to the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, since February 25, 2022, the company had blocked access to its Wirex App product for the Russians, supporting active efforts for Russia’s exclusion from the global financial services market. Wirex called on the world community to join in supporting Ukraine and make traditional money, and cryptocurrency transfers to the Support Ukraine Now fund. Currently, the company’s primary goal is to ensure the safety and health of more than 250 members of the Ukrainian R&D center team, so Wirex helps IT professionals and their families relocate to the western regions of Ukraine, as well as to Poland and Lithuania.

The company set up a hub in Poland to meet women employees, children, and older relatives of teammates and help them find housing. In wartime, Wirex actively supports defenders who have joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense while maintaining their position in the company and financially supporting them. Wirex continues to work on its products, provides services to clients worldwide, allows them to pay for goods and services in cryptocurrency, and automatically converts payments into dollars and euros.

for-fb26-04 “The Wirex R&D team is sincerely glad to join the community of professionals of the Lviv IT Cluster. We hope that our cooperation will be greatly fruitful and mutually beneficial for all community members. Wirex has long planned to expand the geography of its R&D centers in Ukraine, and despite the war, the company opened a new hub in Lviv and is actively expanding its team of professionals. So joining the Lviv IT Cluster is an organic step toward cooperation with the Ukrainian IT sector and maintaining the well-being of our fellow citizens and the strength of our army. As Wirex is a product company, we hope that our unique expertise in developing advanced fintech solutions, including blockchain-based ones, will contribute to the vast development of the IT and fintech market in Ukraine. Strength is in unity, and despite the war, we must continue to work together in favor of our country, providing it with a reliable economic foundation. So we are ready to support the IT community in developing progressive fintech sector in Ukraine to make it a prosperous European country”, notes Ruslan Kolodyazhnyi, CTO Wirex, head of Wirex R&D.

“Lviv IT Cluster unites companies to jointly develop and improve the IT ecosystems of Lviv and Ukraine in general. Every new Cluster member brings new ideas, new projects, and new plans. I’m glad Wirex has joined our community and hope for fruitful cooperation”, comments Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO of Lviv IT Cluster.