Women Techmakers Lviv: to Learn and Inspire

Women IT community in Lviv is becoming more active. Many tech events take place in the city during the year, organized by the famous Google brand – Women Techmakers. The events aim to promote technology industry among women by increasing a number of women in the industry. 

According to IT Research 2.0., there are 30, 9% of women working in the IT industry in Lviv. This number is constantly growing. A few students united to create a local community and spread info about newest technologies among girls and women in the city, inspiring them to work in the industry or support those who already work in IT.

“I don’t like that there are still stereotypes about women working in IT, a woman who codes still sounds unusual. I understand that in a few years everything will change and the of women in the industry will increase,” says Mayya Vu, co-founder of Women Techmakers Lviv. “The idea of Women Techmakers is amazing, this web resource gives a unique opportunity to get new knowledge. On the community’s website, you can find lots of useful information, internships, scholarship opportunities, etc. I wanted to do something for women in Lviv, especially after inspiring event Women Techmakers Ukraine that I’ve visited. I was very motivated to find like-minded people in Lviv and to start organizing similar events here.

One of the biggest events of the community – International Women’s Day Lviv: Building a New Horizon took place in the beginning of this month. Several hundred girls and women came to listen to the motivational stories about career and work in IT from four speakers – Orysya Khimiak, PR Director at Lviv IT Cluster; Yulia Keshkin, HR Business Partner, Ezetech; Diana Pekelis, Senior QA Engineer at DataArt and Kris Kosyk, VP at SoftServe.

The community plans to organize more events for women in the next few months. “We plan to organize a few tech meetups (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.) for girls and women, of course, men can also come. We also plan a series of events in collaboration with Startup Depot – meetings with successful women from the industry,” continues Mayya Vu. Women Techmakers Lviv also have plans to create educational courses: they will start with the pilot project will – education month, a monthly course focused on certain technology. During the course, participants will listen to useful lectures, work with experienced mentors and practice their English.

Women Techmakers Lviv is a community for meetings, communication, sharing experience and generating new ideas. Whether you are a student or you already work in the field, you can join the community here.

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