Settlement in the Centers for Temporarily Displaced Persons

The war in Ukraine has forced many people to temporarily change their place of residence, many of them are now arriving in Lviv. The team of Lviv IT Cluster continues to provide assistance that is most needed and relevant today.

Together with the city authorities, Cluster has launched a project to support centers for temporarily displaced persons in Lviv and the region. Five centers have been created within the project, with places to settle over 400 people. The Cluster team has equipped these locations with everything necessary for temporary residence and accommodated more than 155 people.

How to settle?

To accommodate your employees in the centers for temporarily displaced persons, companies must first get in touch with the contact persons – Anna Breus and Iryna Skits and provide information on the number of employees for settlement and their personal data. To ensure security and prevent various provocations, these data are checked by representatives of the city authorities and the Security Service of Ukraine. After that, the Cluster team informs about the most convenient location for each specific request and relocates people.

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Infrastructure and conditions of the centers

Today, all five centers provide conditions for accommodation and comfortable stay of people. If necessary, the Cluster additionally equips locations with everything needed, particularly additional pillows, bedding sets, blankets, refrigerators, microwaves, kettles, and additional electrical outlets. Also, this week the Cluster, together with its partners, is starting to provide two meals a day in the centers we have set up, not only for IT employees but for all temporarily displaced persons who have asked for help.

Support the project

Centers for the temporarily displaced need your financial support. We encourage Cluster companies to join in funding this crucial humanitarian initiative. Many companies in the Cluster have already supported the project, and the donations continue. To financially support the project, please contact Olya Maksym

We also remind you that the Lviv Regional Military Administration together with BotsCrew with the support of the Lviv IT Cluster has launched a bot that helps to find a temporary home or shelter those who are forced to move to Lviv. We encourage you to share this information with your employees. This is another opportunity to find housing for temporarily displaced persons and help Ukrainians in the Lviv region.

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