Studying at Cluster’s Innovative Programs

26 Jan, 2018

Lviv IT Cluster has launched already five innovative degree programs. Among them –IoT and AI at Lviv Polytechnic, DS, Computer Science and DS&IS at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. What is the difference between these programs and what the students say about them?

Lviv IT Cluster has started launching innovative degree programs to reduce the gap between universities and IT companies, where students start working after graduation. Apart from the classic courses, more professional courses were added to the programs’ curriculum. Moreover, the programs also aim to develop soft skills – students work on their own projects, learn how to present their ideas and how to work in teams. Experts from the industry often conduct lectures and workshops for students.

“IoT is like my second family. Studying here is not easy, but the amount of interesting lectures and meetups with different people from IT industry really gives me an inspiration and strength to immerse deeper in the tech world and self-develop. IoT gives you an opportunity to work in teams on real projects, and develop your communication and presentation skills and this is probably the most exciting thing for all students. I’m glad, that I chose this program,” – says Anna Manko, IoT program’s student.

Innovative programs aim to inspire students to learn and self-develop, for example, by watching online lectures or doing online courses, since being able to keep learning constantly is an important skill to have even after graduation. The IT industry is very dynamic, therefore, one has to be flexible and update their knowledge all the time. Students for sure need to be ready for this.

I chose the program in Artificial Intelligence with a big hope for a better future and quality education in Ukraine. I believe that this program will be better than others because it was developed by IT experts from local IT companies together with university professors. The curriculum of the program indeed looks very good. But the first year has already started with very difficult tasks. During the first week of studies, we had to write a very complex program, we were not ready for such a difficult task so early. So I would say, it’s really hard to study here,” – says Valeriy Yakovlev, AI program’s student.

English is also very important for the would-be IT specialists. The innovative program’s students are being prepared for professional communication in English. There are more English classes on the programs in comparison to all other programs at universities.

I spent quite a lot of time thinking about which program to choose, but now I’m sure, that I didn’t make a mistake. Talking to my friends studying at other IT-related programs, I understand, that our studies are more “live”, it’s impossible not to like it. We study really important things, we work on real projects and listen to lectures from Ukrainian and international experts. The further my study goes, the more interesting it becomes. I think I won’t be disappointed” – comments Taras Bilous, IoT program’s student.

Students of the programs work with mentors. The program’s creators tried to bring the office atmosphere to the university auditoriums and to teach students to work together with more experienced experts. Among the mentors – experts from local IT companies.

If you want to develop and get a high-quality education, designed by IT experts according to the modern IT market demands, this is the right place. There are lots interesting lectures and practical workshops. Every course is important. During the studies, we are supported by professional mentors from the IT industry and experienced teachers. They are ready to help you any moment,” – Liliya Leskiv, DS&IS program’s student.

There are already 460 students studying on the Cluster’s programs. Lviv IT Cluster is working on a few new programs that will be launched in September 2018. Among them – Robotics and Business Analytics & Data Science, etc.

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