How to Become an IT Specialist? Experts from N-iX Share their Tips

15 Sep, 2017

Which programming language to choose? When is it better to start working? How to start a career in IT?  – These are the questions most popular among students. N-iX, one of the TOP 5 IT companies in Lviv according to DOU, shared their life hacks and explained the students of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv how IT business works and what companies expect from newcomers.

N-iX was founded by Andrew Pavliv, alumni of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics at LNU, in 2002. Yuriy Kushla, Delivery Director at N-iX said that you need a lot of motivation and initiative to found your own company. N-iX has grown to over 700 employees and is one of the fastest growing companies in Lviv and Ukraine. The company also has offices in the USA, Poland and Sweden.


A general understanding of IT business and one’s role in the whole project – are the main things most developers need. Yuriy says that a programmer should understand a project in general and be ready to not just perform his own tasks, but also take responsibility for other processes. Everyone needs to be result and business oriented, to know how to find compromises and to work in a team. Those are the main things students need to learn.

Students have the possibility to start working in their last years of study at the university, but it’s important that they are able to combine both study and work. The employer will need you in the office during working hours, so the students have to plan their study time on the side. A few things students can do in advance are to be interested in new technologies and new fields in IT, to choose the programming language, to code and create the startup ideas.

Yuriy Kushla summarized that if you want to work in IT, you need to keep learning all the time because technologies are changing and developing very fast. To improve your skills and knowledge, you will need to complete online courses, corporate trainings, and workshops from time to time during your work in IT.


During the meeting, Svitlana Sych, Talent Acquisition Lead at N-iX, talked more about the job application process of the students, and about developers without commercial experience.

To start their career in IT, students can apply for trainee positions. Being a trainee means that students work at the company supervised by mentors during the first three months. They are involved in some technical tasks while still learning. Such a position is perfect for students without professional experience and gives an opportunity to see how the companies work from inside. Trainee position also opens a lot of space for self-development and learning new skills.

The experienced recruiter also recommends students to improve their English and make up a good CV since that’s the first information the employer will see about you. Besides education and your technical knowledge, one should also remember about soft skills which are crucial in IT. Hobbies and extra courses should also be included in the CV – it means that a person has many interests and is motivated to learn new things.


Which programming language to choose? Svitlana recommends to think about this thoroughly. It’s important to choose the language you really like since you will have to constantly work with it.

Of course, communication is also important. Even introverts will work not only with a computer and a code but also with clients, team leads, team members and colleagues. Communication skills and problem-solving are a big benefit for any employer.

The meeting with students took place in the new computer lab, which was renewed by N-iX for the faculty of Applied Mathematics at LNU. By the way, it’s not the first time N-iX supports such initiatives. The company has already sponsored a similar lab for the Artificial Intelligence degree program at Lviv Polytechnic as well as supported the launch of the new IT educational programs.