General Assembly Meeting of Lviv IT Cluster Took Place At an Unusual Location

15 Aug, 2016

On August 10th Lviv IT Cluster called the General Assembly meeting and presented its quarterly performance results. The peculiarity of this meeting has been the location – IT HOUSE that is the modern residential building for IT community, which will be completed by the end of this year.

Lviv IT Cluster CEO Stepan Veselovskyi told about the achievements of the organization. For example, 254 companies have joined IT Club loyalty program, and nearly 8,000 IT people have received their cards. 64 of 72 flats are sold in IT House, and first students have applied for Bachelor’s program “Internet of Things”, initiated by Lviv IT Cluster together with Lviv Polytechnic University. In total 734 applicants expressed their desire to study this program.
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Later Stepan Veselovskyi spoke about IT Jazz Conference, which brought together investors and entrepreneurs in the beautiful jazzy atmosphere.

This meeting did not go without discussing plans for the future. In particular, Stepan reported about projects, that Lviv IT Cluster is going to implement in the nearest future.

The first project is the annual Lviv IT Arena Conference. This year it will bring together about 2500 participants and speakers from top companies like Microsoft, Uber, Twitter, Spotify, and others.

The second project is IT Jet, aimed at increasing the number of available flights from and to Lviv. Lviv IT Cluster found out, that representatives of Lviv IT companies flew to meet with their customers almost 10 thousand times in 2015. Their clients visited Lviv nearly 6,500 times. These figures are growing dynamically. However, the fact that Lviv doesn’t have air connection with many cities makes it a problem that hampers the development of local IT industry. IT Jet aims to solve this problem.

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The third project is called IT Park. The goal of this project is to build a state-of-the-art complex, which will include office space, educational infrastructure, restaurants, and bars as well as other supporting facilities, conference halls and ecosystem for start-ups. The vision of the project is already formed, so implementation will start soon.