Future IT Experts Presented Semester Projects

27 Dec, 2018

Traditionally, December is a month for summing up the passing year. Students from degree programs modernized by Lviv IT Cluster (IoT at Lviv Polytechnic National University, Cybersecurity at Lviv State University of Life Safety) had recently presented the projects they have been working on during the semester. Mentors and teachers helped students to develop their ideas.

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Students made up teams of 4-6 participants, each of whom had a role in their newly created startup. This way, students had an opportunity to learn how to be a business analyst, project manager, or developer in their own company.

The work was mentored by experts from Lviv IT companies, who are also teaching at the innovative degree programs. First-year students of the IoT program worked on projects within two courses: Team Work (teacher – Natalia Kuba, Head of Training & Development at SoftServe), and Specialty Introductory Course (teacher – Zenoviy Veres, Solution Architect at SoftServe).

Natalia Kuba shared an interesting case that happened during the project defense last year: We invite not only teachers but also colleagues from different companies to project presentation. They help to look at the student projects with a fresh perspective. One of my colleagues approached students after the presentation and said: “Not bad. Especially for graduates, not bad”. The thing is – these were first-year students, who have only been at the university for one semester. I hope, this demonstrates the quality of our work”.
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Second- and third-year students worked on projects within three courses: Algorithmization and Programming 2, Databases and Knowledge Bases, Basics of Web Development and Web Design (for the second year), Microcontrollers 2; Cloud Technologies, Mobile App Development (for the third year). This gave the students an opportunity to use more interesting tech solutions, and make their projects almost ready to launch on the market.

First-year students of AI program presented their projects with the course Algorithmization and Programming 1, taught by Acting Head of the Artificial Intelligence Systems Department. Second-year students developed projects as a part of Applied Programming course.

Students of the Cybersecurity program (Lviv State University of Life Safety), that was launched this year, had to create a game as a part of two courses. This idea was suggested by Oleksiy Maksymiv, who taught students Python programming as a part of Programming Technologies course. Students learned to work in teams and practiced their presentation skills during the course of Teamwork, taught by Maria Shabatura – Information Security Specialist at ELEKS.

Each of the teams presented a project, defended the project idea, and show the skills developed by working together with other students. The jury asked questions and assessed the project and its presentation on the basis of certain criteria. Mentors who worked with teams, also evaluated projects (the final score makes a significant part of the semester grade).

Of course, not the final grades, but the experience students gained are the most valuable thing. Starting with the very first semester, students of the innovative degree programs of Lviv IT Cluster master teamwork, time management, micromanagement, learn how to allocate responsibilities, stick to deadlines, and speak in public. The development of soft skills is particularly important for Ukrainian specialists, and this approach greatly increases the competitiveness of future IT experts.

Lviv IT Cluster expresses gratitude to companies that supported the project presentation: SoftServe, PLVision, and Lohika.