The Construction of IT House is Completed. New Pictures

03 Aug, 2017

The construction of the unique IT house for IT specialists is on the finish line. It is planned that the construction will be completed by the end of the year. Lviv IT Cluster has visited IT House on Studynskoho Street and wants to show you the latest pictures of the building and the surrounding territory.

IT House is a unique project of Lviv IT Cluster, created for people with similar interests and occupation. It’s a 10-storey house, built with the newest technologies for the comfortable living of IT specialists.

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The main idea of the project is to gather people who will become not just neighbors, but a community. That’s why IT House has a common space, where people can gather for meetings, discussions or celebrations. There is a conference room, a shared hall with a concierge and a guard as well as a big room on the ground floor to store baby prams.

The playground and a leisure area are already finished. The sports zone where the residents will have a chance to exercise close to their homes is also almost ready.

One of the IT House benefits is a common rooftop with an amazing view on the High Castle Park. A terrace on the rooftop will be opened for all residents and used as a lounge zone. Another part of the rooftop will be a place for solar collectors which will produce 70% of the energy needed for water heating.

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IT House will also have a commercial area available for rent. Profits from the rent will partially cover utility costs for the residents. Bike and car owners will have access to a parking lot guarded 24/7.

All apartments in IT House are already sold out. IT House isn’t the only infrastructure project of Lviv IT Cluster, it is planned that the construction of new houses – IT House 2.0, IT House Premium and IT Village will begin soon.