ZONE3000 Joins Lviv IT Cluster

12 Sep, 2022

ZONE3000 is an international company whose specialization is a software development and technical support in domains, hosting, network security, private email, and other web services. The company has been working in the IT industry for 24 years already and is now among the TOP-10 biggest Ukrainian IT companies. ZONE3000 offers turn-key software development solutions for clients and partners: from the product idea to the support of end users.

The company is represented in three Ukrainian cities: Kharkiv, Lviv, and Dnipro. In particular, in Lviv, ZONE3000 has the product, technology, R&D, and technical support departments. Today the company cooperates with more than 2100 professionals. 

ZONE3000 strategic partners are Namecheap and HOSTiQ. Namecheap is among the TOP-3 leading global domain registrars, and HOSTiQ is one of the leading Ukrainian hosting companies.

The company’s position is strict and univocal: we consider russia an aggressor that must be driven out of our land as soon as possible. This also goes for belarus. That is why ZONE3000 has no business relationships with their representatives – this applies to clients, specialists, and product users. Starting from the full-scale invasion, together with partners Namecheap and HOSTiQ, the company stopped selling products and user support in these territories.  

ZONE3000 believes in Ukraine’s victory and does everything to make it happen soon. Some members of the team have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteer formations. As an employer, the company respects their decision and supports them in different ways. The company supports charity foundations and volunteers, giving money or fundraising for definite items. Many of the teammates are volunteers: they help both civilians in hot spots and the army. Some of the personal initiatives have grown into powerful charity movements whose activity is impressive. ZONE3000 helps them as well – giving both money and information support. 

Today, any team member and his/her close people can get help from the company. At the beginning of the war, ZONE3000, together with its partners, helped people evacuate throughout Ukraine and abroad. The company hub in Bulgaria had been created in order for the team to have a safe and comfortable place to live and work. The company continued making payments in an uninterrupted and steady way, with the possibility to receive them in advance. Also, everyone who was in critical circumstances could get financial support from the company. The company’s support also includes being in constant touch with the team, psychological help, organizational support for those who have moved to another city or country, etc.


“The goal of joining the Lviv IT Cluster is to strengthen the company’s presence in the western part of Ukraine as well as mutual support, active participation in Lviv IT community, exchange of experience and best practices, sharing helpful information, networking, and IT industry development. We are looking forward to fruitful cooperation, mutual support of cluster members, and sharing the latest technology practices,” Serhiy Skurikhin, Founder and CEO of ZONE3000.

“We welcome ZONE3000 into our community. I appreciate the trust and understanding that support is significant now. Not only inside of the tech industry but also outside the community. The Cluster has many projects and initiatives that allow each new participant to contribute even more to supporting the IT industry and bringing Ukraine closer to our victory in this war”, notes Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO Lviv IT Cluster.