The 4th International Conference ITEM-2016: Tom Gilb, Jurgen Appelo, Jaanika Merilo and other IT-Business Stars in Dnipro.

13 Jun, 2016

On June 2-3 Ukrainian IT business-owners, project managers, team-leaders and tech leaders arrived in Dnipro to attend the 4th international conference ITEM, devoted to evolution of IT business.


This year the event scale stroke everybody’s mind — 2 days, 5 tracks, 35 speakers and 500 participants from more than 100 IT-companies. Other than that, one of the biggest and luxury event places of Ukraine – Cultural and business center “Menorah”, 12 foreign speakers, who are the world-known stars in IT-industry and agenda created by the leading experts of Ukrainian IT business.

The conference geography has been extended significantly. This year participants arrived from Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolayev, Zaporizhia, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Zhytomyr, as well as guests from Palo-Alto, Los-Angeles, New York, Oslo, Amsterdam, Riga, Tallinn, Larnaca and Tel-Aviv.

The conference event was supported by the following companies: Lattelecom, AMC Bridge, SoftServe, Luxoft, PFSoft, Concordbank, УкрСиббанк BNP Paribas Group, Lawrange, ScrumGuides, InFocus. Some partners have been taking part in ITEM for many years, and all of them mark the growth of the event quality, high level of content and well-done organisation. The general HR-partner traditionally was company, and the general Media-partner this year was BrainTV.

htmlimage (1)The conference agenda was the strongest and full of interesting and useful content ever thanks to great contribution of the Program Committee that consists of:

  • Timofey Yevgrashyn — Agile evangelist, consultant with 17-year expertise in IT industry and God-father of ITEM conference;
  • Dmytro Myndra — Tech leader at Opower and the best moderator of technological streams, founder of Funtronica — School of IT-specialties for children;
  • Vladymyr Liulka — BrainBasket Director and ideologist of IT education available for every citizen;
  • Anastasia Novikova — An expert in Sales to the Western market, Director of Conformato and a teacher of disciplines in sales and marketing;
  • Dmytro Malenko — CTO at rollApp, experienced professional in software development.

The speakers have been selected thoroughly, the topics filtered and improved by Program Committee members.
htmlimage (2)In parallel simultaneously the following famous people gave their speech:

  • Tom Gilb Father of Agile and author of 10+ books;
  • Yaanika Merilo — Digital Government driver in Ukraine;
  • Jurgen Apello — bestsellers author “Management 3.0”, “#Workout”, One of the best speakers in Agile topics;
  • Denis Dovgopoly — co-founder and managing partner at GrowthUP Group;
  • Sergey Berezhnoy — Head of development at;
  • Kfir Bloch — Head of backend development at WIX;
  • Zhenya Rozinskiy — a famous business leader with more than 20 years of experience in technical management;
  • Yakov Fain — Java guru with 20+ year expertise in IT industry

and many others.

Based on participants feedbacks, the key trouble of the event was impossibility to clone oneself to be able to attend the parallel tracks simultaneously.
htmlimage (3) Thus the content was that interesting and useful thanks to both famous speakers’ personalities, trendy topics and the shared best practices. Attendees revealed enthusiasm and true excitement about speeches from Google, Wargaming, Microsoft, Templatemonster, Lattelecom, Oracle, WIX and other companies which shared their live cases and true practice. The most disputed topics were reports about the future of cloud technologies from Vladimir Malinovskyy, OOP death from Yegor Bugayenko and “Happy management” from Jurgen Apello.

htmlimage (11)

One of the brightest and unordinary person at the conference event was Yegor Bugayenko. You can either like Yegor or hate him, but you cannot be indifferent to his opinion for sure. His presentations were courageous, direct and shocking. They were disputed for a long time out of the conference space with disagreement or excitement. His presence at the conference made the event as bright and unforgettable as Yegor is himself.

Not less vivid and live there was the Panel discussion. It is now more an ITEM tradition to talk not only about business but also social topics. The round table was devoted to possibilities and opportunities for Ukrainian IT companies to take part in life-being of the native country and create the new technological future. The following participants took part in a hot panel discussion: Vladimir Liulka, Yaanika Merilo, Zhenya Rozinskiy, Denis Dovgopolyy, Dmitry Malenko and Yegor Bugayenko. The topic was so live and hot, and opinions contrast so much that it was a true battle and dispute among the round table members.

After the official agenda, the discussion migrated to coffee zone and social networks. You cannot imagine the atmosphere unless watch a live stream video at BrainTV channel. In this regards we want to appreciate the efforts of our speaker and moderator of the panel discussion Vladimir Liulka for the best ever facilitation, hot questions and comments and ability to make the round table one of the brightest tracks in IT Business stream of the conference.

htmlimage (6)

The most unsophisticated stream at ITEM was the track “IT Geography”. That was a true adventure throughout different countries, travelling to different opportunities of these countries for IT-entrepreneurs of Ukraine. In 1 day participants got acquainted with such IT sectors as Cyprus, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, China, the Netherlands and Arabic countries.

But what is the event if there is no networking process for which the conference organisers created all the possible conditions. Comportable coffee zones with delicious cookies, open-air lunch, with the fantastic view over Dnipro city, area with arcade retro games, virtual reality space with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift helmets, exposition with informational stands and entertainment for the event participants as well as competitions, playgrounds and presents.htmlimage (5)The first day ended up with stylish afterparty in the fashionable DJ Bar “Chetvergy” on the Roof. Barman show, live music performed by classy cover-band, DJ-set, contests, gifts-away, open bar and informal networking. A separate lounge zone provided comfortable communication at the backstage for speakers and partners.

htmlimage (9)The second day afternoon the 6th informal stream was open a unique project of ITEM Speechbar with Max Itskovich where everyone could try himself in a role of a speaker and present his startup in 10 minutes speech. Even Zhenya Rozinskiy joined Speechbar and shared the peculiarities of American outsourcing which attracted quite a crowd 🙂

Let us thank all our partners and sponsors for providing presents to our participants: Travel agency “Feerie” (, e-shop V-comp, Advertisement agency “Promolab” and Agency «Come with us».

This conference became the biggest in terms of number of participants, speakers, volunteers, partners, sponsors, locations, countries, presents, memorial gifts, useful connections and positive emotions.

htmlimage (12)

And traditionally ITEM 2016 in numbers:

  • 100+ companies took part in the conference event;
  • 35 speakers, 12 foreign ones from 9 countries;
  • 44 interesting speeches in 5 conference streams: IT-Business, IT Geography, Project management, Тechnology, Sales&Marketing;
  • 264 questions asked to speakers from active listeners;
  • 13 short speeches about startups and projects at ITEM Speechbar;
  • 4800 cups of coffee consumed by informal networkers;
  • 280 liters of alcoholic beverages drunk up during afterparty;
  • 46000 kilometers flied by speakers to get to ITEM-2016;
  • 50000 kilometers driven by participants to get to ITEM from Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Nickolayev, Zaporizhya, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsy, Zhytomir, Vinnitsa, Bar;
  • 12200 IT-Money total revenue of ITEM money spent on Totalizator for speakers.
  • 16 294 500 steps total number of steps walked by ITEM participants in 2 days.

It was the best ITEM conference ever.
Photo, video and speakers’ presentations have being prepared for publishing and will be available soon for conference participants. Meanwhile, all photos from both days can be seen аt official ITEM Facebook page!

See you at ITEM 2017!