Golang Morning@Lohika

16 December 09:30 Lviv, Lohika

Hi guys,

Another interesting event from Morning@Lohika will take place this December, 16. This time, to be diverse & flexible, let’s talk about Golang. As usually, with experienced guys – Serhii Pichkurov, Lohika & Ivan Kutuzov, SoftServe – and their practice-based presentations.

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Go: Why it goes

In this talk, Serhii will talk about Go, also known as Golang – an open source language developed at Google and used in production by companies such as Docker, Dropbox, Facebook and Google itself. Go is now heavily used as a general-purpose programming language that’s a pleasure to use and maintain. This introductory talk contains many live demos of basic language concepts, concurrency model, simple HTTP-based endpoint implementation and, of course, tests using build-in framework. This presentation will be interesting for backend engineers and DevOps to understand why Go had become so popular and how it might help to build robust and maintainable services.

Join this session after which you can start coding using language that has static safe compiler, GC and is as fast as C++ or Java, with even simpler syntax than Python!

About speaker:

Serhii is SE from Lohika, has 6+ years of experience in developing microservices and games using Java and Go.

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Going the Go way

Nowadays, switching between technologies is a common thing. But every technology may have its own and specific effective ways of using – its own best practices. This knowledge becomes more mysterious since engineers are lazy to remember all of them and try to simplify and generalize. That may lead to new confusing moments and even bad experience. During this session, let’s define and clarify what the best practices in Golang are.

About speaker:

Ivan is a Software Engineer at SoftServe and has been using Golang on daily basis for the last 2 years. He has 10+ years of experience in web development with a switch from PHP world. He likes traveling and recently has spent a year in SEA region. His current work and interest are around building scalable applications for a different purpose (from infrastructure to business logic). To do that team should be patient to quality, performance, and aware about price of maintenance for each of solutions.

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=> TICKETS: https://gomorningatlohika.ticketforevent.com/


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