Як клієнт Vakoms став провідним стрімінг сервісом футбольних відео у США

31 Aug, 2016


fuboTV – initially a small company from the US with an ambitious idea of becoming a nationwide football streaming service. The Client was planning to provide access to worldwide football leagues and matches from a bunch of sports channels via applications for smart TVs, tablets, mobile devices, and desktop computers.


Cooperation between fuboTV and Vakoms started in early 2014. The Client commissioned the following:

  • development of a website with a stylish design, great working speed, and wide functionality
  • organization of a video streaming system
  • development of applications for mobile devices and popular digital media players
  • implementation of various types of subscriptions to meet every user’s needs.


In the course of time, the Client decided to capture a greater market share by turning from merely football to sports and entertainment streaming service for the whole family. Mainly, it was supposed to be done by adding sports and lifestyle channels.


Version 1

Having received primary tasks, Vakoms software specialists chose technologies appropriate for the Customer and worked out a strategy of further joint collaboration. A dedicated team consisting of a project manager, web software development engineers, iOS and Android programmers, and QA specialists was formed.

Primarily, we had to develop fast, reliable and multifunctional website, as a powerful tool for watching streaming video. Our programmers, armed with JavaScript, took Node JS platform for backend, chose Angular JS framework for frontend, and immersed in software development process.

In a few months, we released the first version of the website. The service provided live access to 8 football channels – American, Latin American and Portuguese. Also, you could browse statistics of every game on automatically created dedicated pages and watch so called Shows – video summary of matches. Apart from that, Vakoms developed a general chat, available to all users.

fuboTV offered 4 different plans on monthly or yearly basis. The subscription was organised via Stripe billing system.

Simultaneously, Vakoms software engineers finished the development of applications for Android mobile devices and iPhones. They allowed users to log in with an existing account or sign up via email, Facebook account or Google+, flip through the available streaming channels, select one and watch it live.

fubo_mac_Preview3@2x (1)

Version 2

In spring 2015, the Client received investments and made a decision to expand the business. For that reason, the website and mobile applications were to be completely reworked. According to the plan Vakoms had to:

  • implement new design
  • add new features
  • launch DVR (digital video recording) option
  • extend the channels list
  • add new subscription plans
  • change the billing system

Squeezing the maximum out of JS technologies, we implemented new UI/UX, giving the website a fresh look and a new intuitive interface. Moreover, new architecture allowed us to put into place important software innovations. One of them – 2 weeks schedule, thanks to which users could find their favorite matches and not miss them.

Another thing is that now each game has its own automatically created page where you can browse statistics and watch live video.

But the main novelty is a DVR system. You can schedule automatic video recording of the selected match and watch the game later, whenever convenient, not only live.

FuboTV3Besides we’ve developed different notifications and reminders on users’ emails. Also from now on, fuboTV has separate chats for different matches as well as other events.

The development of a second version of the website was finished in the early autumn, and a few month later around 20 new video channels were introduced to subscribers. This time not only football, but sports and lifestyle too.


That was a crucial moment. fuboTV transformed from a video service for soccer fans into an entertainment digital resource for whole families, where some can enjoy their favorite sports game and others can watch soap operas or informative-entertaining programs.

Consequently, a need emerged to devise and introduce more sophisticated subscription plans. Users should be able to choose which channels they need in addition to the basic package. But we faced a problem – Stripe, fuboTV’s billing system, didn’t support different types of subscriptions. That is why we decided to migrate to Recurly – a more flexible billing system.

The key point at this stage was to move the existing users, saving their current subscriptions. Our programmers brilliantly implemented that step by writing special migration scripts, operating with Javascript and Node.JS.

To sum up, Vakoms web engineers have written 47679 lines of code since the development of the website’s version 2 started.

Meanwhile, the mobile development division rolled out new applications for iOS and Android,  which was done using Objective-C and Java respectively. Here are the main novelties:

  • now users can create a new account and sign up, like they do it on the website
  • you can log in with your email or social media accounts, including Google+
  • new UI/UX has been implemented
  • new types of subscription plans have been introduced (the same as on the website version 2)
  • expanded menu with more functions
  • you can use a DVR system in application to schedule the video recording of matches.
  • FuboTV5

Moreover, we’ve implemented a backward compatibility with the first versions of applications. Thanks to this change, now it is not necessary to update your old app – it uses new backend anyway.


The primary goal is achieved. Over the 2 years of partnership, Vakoms has helped the Customer to become a leading football streaming service and a popular sports and entertainment service in the US. It is now available on iOS and Android devices, as well as on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast digital players.
FuboTV6fuboTV is recognized as a company with huge prospects and is currently receiving vast investments, e.g. $12 million from TV giants 21st Century Fox and Sky within a $15 million B round.

Together with Vakoms the Customer plans to continue refining the services and increase its presence on the sports and entertainment video streaming market.