Let's exchange experiences for mutual growth
What is Founders' Dialogue

Founders’ Dialogue is a mentoring program by Lviv IT Cluster that brings together founders and CEOs of community companies to exchange experiences, facilitate networking among companies of various sizes, and foster a mentorship culture within the community.

Here, you can become a mentor for leaders of smaller companies and a mentee for those whose companies serve as examples for you. Share experiences and discuss potential challenges with tecn company founders to progress together and expand the horizons of your companies.

Who can join

Founders’ Dialogue is a program open to leaders of companies that are members of Lviv IT Cluster, specifically:

  • Founders
  • Co-founders
  • CEOs
How does the program work
Register on the platform where CEOs and company founders can freely communicate about all aspects of successful business.
Become a mentor – share your experiences to help colleagues grow and overcome challenges in company management.
Be a mentee – choose a mentor in your field to acquire skills and expertise.
During 1:1 meetings, discuss real cases that will help you scale your business.

Get advice from mentors to grow and scale your company

Why is mentoring important
  • Mentoring is a crucial tool when you are planning changes, aiming for better results, but unsure where to start.
  • Your experience will inspire, assist in making effective decisions, and be valuable for other top managers of Lviv IT Cluster member companies who strive for similar outcomes.
  • Mentoring isn't just about passing knowledge to others; it's also an opportunity to gain a better understanding of your own expertise and identify areas for further development.
  • Moreover, it's an opportunity to contribute to the growth of Lviv's tech community – a city known for its concentration of high-tech companies where innovative products and services are created.

Join the community to share experiences and grow together