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Licensed capacity
Profession: 152 Metrology and Information-Measuring Engineering
Who is a robotics specialist?

A robotics specialist is an expert who designs, creates, and operates robots and automated systems. The field of robot application continues to expand: medical, military, and aerospace industries, science, and underwater exploration require robotics specialists. Robotic developments help optimize production, neutralize explosive objects, conduct reconnaissance, and are used in inclusion.

The program meets the requirements of the modern market and has been updated by senior and lead industry experts.
The program’s teachers and mentors are industry experts who keep up with the latest trends in the sphere.
The opportunity for the best students to intern at leading companies of the Lviv IT Cluster.
Access to IT Studlava, a closed recruiting platform for students of the Lviv IT Cluster’s educational programs
About the program

The Robotics Bachelor’s degree program is taught at the Department of Information-Measuring Engineering of Lviv Polytechnic National University. The educational program was developed in collaboration with the university department and SoftServe, RENESAS, PLVision, Shadow Robot, Infineon Technologies, and Sciforce Solutions companies.

One of the most significant advantages of this program is the combination of experience in working with software and hardware components. Graduates of the program know the basics of programming, digital circuitry, robotics and control theory, and sensor and measurement technologies. Students also work with web technologies (Java, Python) during their studies, create mobile software, learn to program microcontrollers (C/C++), and design computerized and robotic systems.

Yuriy Khoma
Head of AI, UniData Lab. Curator and lecturer of the Robotics program.
For many years, I have worked with data analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics, and embedded systems at the intersection of industry and science. So, I gladly responded to the opportunity to share my experience and improve the educational program. I am happy to share my knowledge and ideas and contribute to creating market-oriented educational programs. Robotics guarantees graduate good career prospects in the tech field.
Terms of admission

Applications are submitted only online – in electronic form. To apply, please register an electronic account on the website

Licensed capacity
State scholarships
₴25 000
Tuition fee

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Course map
Course 1
During the first year of study, students learn the basics of engineering and programming
Semester 1
Programming in Information and Measurement Technologies
Physical Education
Foreign Language for Specific Purposes
Ukrainian Language (for Professional Purposes)
Engineering and Computer Graphics
Further Mathematics
Semester 2
Physical Education
Foreign Language for Specific Purposes
Electrical Engineering in Information and Measurement Technologies
Further Mathematics
History of the Ukrainian State and Culture
Course 2
In the second year of study, students master microprocessors and digital circuitry
Semester 3
Analogue Circuit Equipment
Information-Measurement Technologies
Physical Education
Foreign Language for Specific Purposes
Further Mathematics
Semester 4
Information-Measuring Technologies
Design and Production of Microprocessor Tools
Digital circuitry in IMT
Design and Production of Microprocessor Tools (coursework)
Physical Education
Enterprise and Management
The humanitarian discipline of free choice
Course 3
In the third year of study, students deepen professional knowledge, as well as develop soft skills.
Semester 5
Computer Simulation and Electronic Circuits Design
Robotic Systems Design
Machine Intelligence in Robotics
Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health
Semester 6
Operating Systems
Web Technologies and Databases
Machine Intelligence in Robotics
Actuators and Sensors in Robotics
Presentation Skills
Robotics (coursework)
Course 4
In the fourth year of study, students receive the knowledge necessary for top-level specialists
Semester 7
Methods and Techniques of Measuring Signals Processing
Computer Vision
Computer Processing of Information
Computer Networks and Data Transfer Protocols
Semester 8
Computer Processing of Measurement Data
Cybersecurity and Information Security
Theory of Automatic Control in Robotics
Pre-diploma internship
Bachelor’s degree project execution
Knowledge and skills that graduates of the program will possess:
Leading professionals have updated the Robotics program to fully meet the market’s requirements.
Fundamental knowledge
  • Standard methods of calculation for designing measuring equipment
  • Technical operations during testing, verification, calibration, and other metrological operations
  • Metrology of technological processes and certification tests
  • Normative and methodical bases of quality management systems and certification tests
Specialized knowledge and skills
  • Analysis of error components and error handling
  • Designing information and measurement equipment and describing principles of their operation.
  • Construction of devices that calculate primary measurement results
  • Creation of measurement devices and models
  • Technical measures to ensure correctness and repeatability of measurement and test results according to international standards
  • Adjustment and verification of devices in laboratory conditions and at facilities
Soft Skills
  • Skills in effective communication, conducting negotiations, and public communication
After graduation, you can work as:
  • Robotics Developer
  • Robotic Process Automation Developer
  • Robotics C++ Developer
  • Control Engineer
  • Embedded Developer
  • Computer Vision Engineer
Program developers
Zenoviy Veres
Solution Architect, SoftServe, lecturer at Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lyubomyr Demkiv
Ph.D. Robotics Practice Leader, SoftServe
Igor Salamin
Head of Human Capital, PLVision
Rostyslav Samchenko
Product Engineering Manager at Renesas Electronics
Andriy Petlovanyy
Senior Solution Architect, GlobalLogic
Taras Repetylo
Ph.D. Senior Software Engineer at TietoEVRY
Andriy Ozgovych
Staff Software Engineer, Infineon Technologies
What do the developers think of the program?
Billions of dollars are currently being invested worldwide in developing robots for various areas of life. Labor productivity and the well-being of entire countries already depend on the level of industrial robotics and beyond. Therefore, I am pleased to see that Lviv Polytechnic responds to the challenges and updates educational programs that prepare graduates ready to work in IT.
Andriy Petlovanyy
Senior Solution Architect, GlobalLogic
The Robotics program will allow graduates to get exciting jobs, and the industry will receive good specialists. It is essential that the program was launched at Lviv Polytechnic, as some university institutes have been developing robotics for many years. I hope involving tech companies in education course creation will allow students to benefit most from learning.
Lyubomyr Demkiv
Ph.D. Robotics Practice Leader, SoftServe
Information technology is more and more entering our everyday life. The time has come when robots can perform complex tasks faster and sometimes better than humans. Therefore, robotics will be one of the most in-demand in the coming decades. Graduating new specialists in this field will directly impact Ukraine’s development. This was my main motivation to support the Robotics program development at Lviv Polytechnic University.
Igor Salamin
Head of Human Capital, PLVision

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