Education program “UX/UI Design”
Licensed capacity
Profession: 022 Graphic Design

A UX/UI designer is a specialist who creates interfaces for programs, applications, and websites. UI and UX are two different elements of the user experience.

User Experience (or UX ) is the experience that a user gets when interacting with something, such as a door handle, a mobile application, etc. The task of a UX specialist is to design the most effective product or service that meets the needs of users and the company’s business goals.

User Interface (or UI) focuses on the appearance and layout of a program or application. A UI designer develops the visual appearance of a product: colors, shapes, animations, content, buttons for interaction, input fields, etc.

A UX/UI designer combines the areas of User Experience and User Interface and focuses on making the product easy to use by studying user behavior. This specialist has a high level of empathy to listen effectively, understand users, and develop solutions that solve their problems.

The program meets the requirements of the modern market. It was updated by industry experts at senior and lead levels.
The program's teachers and mentors are industry professionals who keep up with the latest trends in their field.
There is the opportunity to gain practical experience in leading IT companies in the Lviv IT Cluster.
Access to IT STUDLAVA, a closed recruitment platform for students of educational programs of the Lviv IT Cluster.

The curriculum of the program has been recently updated in collaboration with members of the Lviv IT Cluster and representatives of the Lviv National Academy of Arts. The program offers comprehensive training in interface design, with a focus on practical tools such as Figma, Mirror, xMind, Adobe Illustrator, and more. In addition to theoretical knowledge, students also develop essential soft skills and gain a solid understanding of Project Management basics. Throughout the program, students engage in systematic tasks of varying levels of complexity, honing their design skills and creativity. The goal is to equip graduates with a well-rounded skill set and a professional portfolio that will enable them to kickstart a successful career in the field.

Petro Nahirnyi
First Vice-Rector of LNAM, curator of the UX/UI Design program
The program stands out due to its comprehensive approach in providing students with a wide range of knowledge and skills throughout their studies. A significant amount of time is dedicated to studying interface design, with a focus on key components such as individual mentoring of student projects by representatives from tech companies, as well as opportunities for internships in real work conditions.
Terms of admission

In order to gain admission into the program for the year 2023, you are required to submit a motivation letter and successfully pass a creative competition.

Licensed capacity
Government scholarships
₴38 000
Tuition fees

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Course map
Course 1
First-year program offers basic courses to develop the key competencies and first projects for a student’s portfolio
Semester 1
Knowledge and skills that graduates of the program will possess
Basic knowledge
  • Theory and history of design
  • Design process and methodologies
  • Laws of UX/UI
Graphic Design
  • Composition
  • Color theory
  • Illustration and sketching
  • Animation
  • Photography
  • Calligraphy
  • Typography
  • Preparation for printing
  • Post-press processing
  • Icons
  • Figma
  • Mirror
  • Xmind
  • Adobe illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Indesign
Architecture design
  • UML diagram
  • Information architecture
  • System structure and navigation design

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After graduation, you can work as:
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Motion Designer
  • Creative Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Brand Designer
  • Product Designer
Educational program developers
Nataliya Sambir
CDO, LinkUp Studio
Maksym Helevera
Product Designer, Qubstudio
Kateryna Vitkovska
Qubstudio, Lead Product Designer/design manager
Yaroslav Zhmykhov
Lead UX Designer, OTAKOYI
Kostiantyn Hladkov
Design Manager, EPAM
What do the developers think of the program?
A good design should be pleasant and intuitive, with the designer tasked to find a balance between science, business, and art, while considering all the technical specifics. The program encompasses both knowledge and practical application that will assist students in understanding the value of design. This educational program will provide students with expertise not only in design but also in business aspects, marketing, and psychology.
Nataliya Sambir
CDO, LinkUp Studio
Our lives are inextricably linked to electronic devices and interfaces: from navigating a printer menu to navigating a space station control menu. Now you can learn how to make interactions and interfaces not only more attractive, but also more convenient and intuitive. This is a chance to see how your talent and dedication can improve people's lives.
Maksym Helevera
Product Designer, Qubstudio
The program is designed for students who aspire to become highly skilled designers and possess the ability to solve complex business problems through the use of effective interface design. Throughout the program, students will acquire a comprehensive range of skills, including business and user research, generation of innovative ideas, creation of interactive solutions, and rigorous testing. These skills will enable students to seamlessly enter the tech field.
Yaroslav Zhmykhov
Lead UX Designer, OTAKOYI

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