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“Business Analytics&Data Science”

Licensed capacity
Profession: 124 System Analysis. Education program: “Business Analytics&Data Science”
Who is a systems analyst?

Business Analyst is one of the most prestigious and well-paid professions in the tech industry. A business analyst explores opportunities for implementing various IT solutions in a company to develop automation processes. This expert analyzes a wide range of data and information to ensure the optimal execution of processes in the company. The data analyst profession requires combining IT, finance, and marketing skills. This specialist does not have a stable range of responsibilities. Their types of tasks are constantly changing.

A Data Scientist is a person with excellent math and analytical skills. A Data Science specialist works with data from various sources: collects, structures, selects, and synthesizes it. They provide conclusions and take actions based on the collected data. 

A Data Scientist is constantly looking for the perfect formula for training artificial intelligence.

For example, self-driving cars, personalized interfaces, the IBM Watson medical system, Aliexpress, Amazon, and Netflix were created using Data Science.

The program meets the requirements of the modern market and has been updated by senior and lead industry experts.
The program’s teachers and mentors are industry experts who keep up with the latest trends in the sphere.
The opportunity for the best students to intern at leading companies of the Lviv IT Cluster.
Access to IT Studlava, a closed recruiting platform for students of the Lviv IT Cluster’s educational programs
About the program

The Business Analytics & Data Science program was updated by the members of Lviv IT Cluster and representatives of Lviv Polytechnic National University. The program is taught at the Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies in the Information Systems and Networks Department. 

Graduates of the program are proficient in modern programming languages, tools, and applications. They successfully compete with graduates of other educational programs in computer science. In addition to theoretical knowledge, students develop soft skills and master Project Management basics during teamwork with IT industry mentors.

Vasyl Lytvyn
Head of Information Systems and Networks department, Curator of the Business Analytics & Data Science program
The Business Analytics & Data Science study program is based on applied mathematical disciplines and modern information technologies. They are focused on studying management theories, decision-making, mathematical and computer modeling methods, business analysis, and machine learning methods and technologies. Such a wide range of emphases allows our students and graduates to build successful IT careers.
Terms of admission

Applications are submitted only online – in electronic form. To apply, please register an electronic account on the website

Licensed capacity
₴42 000
Tuition fee

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Course map
Course 1
Semester 1
Discrete mathematics
Linear algebra and analytic geometry, part 1
Mathematical analysis, part 1
English for professional purposes, part 1
History of the Ukrainian state and culture
Algorithmization and programming
Semester 2
Linear algebra and analytic geometry, part 2
Mathematical analysis, part 2
Ukrainian for professional purposes
English for professional purposes, part 2
Programming and teamwork
Programming and teamwork (coursework)
Course 2
Semester 3
Ordinary differential equations
Probability theory and mathematical statistics
Computer networks
Operating systems
English for professional purposes, part 3
Object-oriented programming
Semester 4
Methods and tools of applied statistics
Systems Analysis
Database and knowledge base organization
Selective educational disciplines of the cycle of general training
Course 3
Semester 5
Optimization and operations research methods
Special sections of mathematics
Business analysis of information processes
Computational methods and data visualization
Information system design
Selective educational disciplines
Semester 6
WEB-technologies and WEB-design
IT project management
Machine learning
Selective educational disciplines
Course 4
Semester 7
Professional practical training
Legal provision of intellectual property
English for professional purposes
Decision science
Selective educational disciplines
Semester 8
Qualification examination
Big data technology
Fundamentals of occupational safety and health
Selective educational disciplines
Knowledge and skills that graduates of the program will possess:
Specialization 1. Decision-making systems and methods
  • Business analysis, business models, user journey maps.
  • Modeling business processes.
  • IT project requirements and documentation.
  • Business communications, preparation, and conduct of meetings, problem identification, conflict resolution.
  • Risk management.
  • Calendar and resource planning of the IT project, results of its implementation.
  • Innovative approaches to business analysis.
Specialization 2. Consolidated information
  • Information processing, information flow models, data warehouses.
  • Processing of multidimensional data (collection, storage, analysis).
  • Structural, functional, and other programming approaches.
  • Visual Studio, C # language, and .Net platform.
  • ETL process (extraction, transformation, loading).
  • Database administration.
  • Fundamentals of cloud computing.
Specialization 3. Data analytics
  • Data analysis using special programming languages.
  • Models of non-relational databases.
  • Fundamentals of cloud computing.
  • Machine learning methods.
  • Approaches to the construction of mathematical models in linguistics.
  • Analysis of Big Data.
  • Innovative approaches to the data analysis process.
After graduation, you can work as:
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst
  • Business Process Analyst
  • Data Modeler
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Engineer
Program developers
Andriy Balyk
Product Manager, SoftServe, curator of the BA&DS educational program, lecturer of the courses “Business Analysis of Information Processes” and “Business Process Modeling”
Oksana Tomyak
Solution BA, ELEKS
Maxym Nechepurenko
Data Science Manager в Agility
What do the developers think of the program?
The Business Analysis & Data Science program is based on mastering technologies that allow you to research and design business processes, evaluate and analyze data from various sources. The program’s primary focus is to acquire skills that can be immediately applied in practice. Therefore, they are as close as possible to real-world tasks. Some courses are taught by professionals from leading IT companies, which gives you the opportunity to hear different opinions and gain different expertise. The best students can receive professional references for employment.
Andriy Balyk
Product Manager, SoftServe, curator of the BA&DS educational program, lecturer of the courses “Business Analysis of Information Processes” and “Business Process Modeling”
The best IT-specialists are mentoring our students:
Nazar Yurystovskyy
PM в N-iX
Mykhailo Hryhorash
Delivery Director, Levi9
Andriy Zaec
iOS Engineer (software engineer), Reface
Oleh Maniavskyi
Senior Ruby developer, SoftServe
Oleksandr Rybakov
Junior Software Developer, Sigma Software
Stanislav Chechotkin
TeamLead SoftServe
Oleksandr Yaremchuk
Senior Software Engineer, SoftServe
Danylo Nikulshyn
Founder в Welcome Nocode (WNC)
Taras Gez
Senior Software Engineer, GlobalLogic

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