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Profession: 125. Education program: Cybersecurity
Who is a cybersecurity specialist?

A cybersecurity specialist is someone who works with data and information protection. This expert checks systems for vulnerabilities, looks for weaknesses in hardware and programming, monitors any attempts of cyberattacks, and eliminates them. Additionally, this person is responsible within a company for developing data protection strategies and implementing them in practice, and they are constantly testing the security of the network against outside interference.

The program meets the requirements of the modern market and has been updated by senior and lead industry experts.
The program’s teachers and mentors are industry experts who keep up with the latest trends in the sphere.
The opportunity for the best students to intern at leading companies of the Lviv IT Cluster.
Access to IT Studlava, a closed recruiting platform for students of the Lviv IT Cluster’s educational programs
About the program

The Department of Information Security Management at Lviv State University of Life Safety offers a Bachelor’s program in Cybersecurity. The program aims to train specialists in the field of cybersecurity engineering, also known as SecOps. The curriculum of the program was developed in collaboration with SoftServe and the Lviv IT Cluster. Upon completion of the program, graduates will possess both theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to build secure computer networks, conduct penetration testing of computer networks, and analyze security against harmful influences.

Rostyslav Tkachuk
Head of the Department of Information Security Management at Lviv State University of Life Safety, curator of the Cybersecurity program.
The educational program has a primary focus on training professional analysts who possess the ability to apply mathematical foundations and algorithmic principles in modeling, designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining information and intelligent systems. The program places emphasis on developing students’ skills in information and cybersecurity. Specifically, the program aims to prepare students to work in forecasting, designing, optimizing, system analysis, and decision-making related to cybersecurity.
Terms of admission

Applications are submitted only online – in electronic form. To apply, please register an electronic account on the website

Licensed capacity
State scholarships
₴38 000
Tuition fee

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Course map
Course 1
Semester 1
Ukrainian Language and Culture
Law and Legal Principles of Civil Defense
Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry
Mathematical Analysis, part 1
Fundamentals of Programming, part 1
Algorithms and Methods of Programming
Computer Logic
Communication Skills Training
Semester 2
Foreign Language, part 1
History of Ukraine
Mathematical analysis, part 2
Programming Basics, part 2
Fundamentals of Web Development
Basics of Cybersecurity
Course 2
Semester 3
Foreign Language, part 2
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
Information Security of the State
Theory of Information
Design and Protection of Web Applications
Elective courses
Semester 4
Foreign Language, part 3
Special Sections of Mathematics
Operating Systems
Computer Networks
Educational Practice
Elective courses
Course 3
Semester 5
Foreign Language, part 4
Systems of State Secret Protection
Algorithmic Foundations of Cryptology
Cybersecurity Tools, part 1
Databases of the State Secret
Elective courses
Semester 6
Foreign Language, part 5
Applied Cryptology
Information Security in Computer Networks, part 1
Cybersecurity Tools, part 2
Teaching internship
Elective courses
Course 4
Semester 7
Foreign Language, part 6
Computer Forensics
Information Security in Computer Networks, part 2
Integrated Information Security Systems
Performance and Defense of Course Work
Elective courses
Semester 8
Foreign Language, part 7
Application of Python in Cybersecurity
Ethical Hacking
Software Security
Risk Theory
Information Security Management
Industrial internship
Unified state qualification exam
Knowledge and skills that graduates of the program will possess:
Fundamental knowledge
  • Legislation and international standards in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Modern methods and models of cybersecurity.
  • Software and hardware information security tools.
Specialized knowledge and skills
  • Information security in automated systems.
  • Features of restoring information systems affected by cyber attacks
  • Regulatory, organizational, technical aspects of information security systems.
  • Management, investigation and assessment of damage from cyberattacks.
  • Methods and means of cryptographic and technical information security.
  • Monitoring of information systems for compliance with cybersecurity standards.
  • Identification, analysis and assessment of threats in the information space.
Soft Skills
  • Skills in effective communication, conducting negotiations, and public communication
After graduation, you can work as:
  • Intrusion detection/SOC Analyst
  • Pen Tester
  • Vulnerability Researcher Exploit developer
  • Cloud Security Analyst
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Treat Hunter
  • Incident Response Team Member
  • Anti-Fraud Analytic
  • Security Testing
  • Forensics Expert
Program developers
Mykhaylo Kropyva
InfoSec Director, SoftServe, curator of the Cybersecurity program
Roman Karpiuk
CSOC Specialist at SoftServe
Dmytro Savchenko
Associate Director в SoftServe
Іhor Beliaiev
Head of Security Team, Lead Security Engineer в EPAM Systems
What do the developers think of the program?
The number of cyberattacks is constantly growing, and they are evolving in various forms. To fight them effectively, we need a community of skilled professionals who continuously assess existing and potential threats and adapt security systems to make them more resilient to cyberattacks.
Mykhaylo Kropyva
InfoSec Director, SoftServe, curator of the Cybersecurity program
The best IT-specialists are mentoring our students:
Anastasia Chernikova
Product Education Manager, LABA
Yaroslav Andreyev
Middle Full Stack Developer в E-Docs
Mariana Kulynych
Head of PMO в Medstar Solutions
Anastasia Shkapiak
Player Support Agent в Plarium
Oleksiy Mykytyn
Team lead, web developer, Interlogic
Taras Gez
Senior Software Engineer в GlobalLogic
Volodymyr Havran
DevOps в Globallogic
Dmytro Frolov
Software Engineer в FareHarbor

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