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About the B2B Product

Do you need a reliable and efficient tool for shaping your company’s budget policies? Lviv IT Cluster has developed IT Research: Salary Report, a unique B2B product aimed at balancing risks and ensuring growth, and stability of your business.

The Salary Report is based on actual data from tech companies that are members of the Lviv IT Cluster community. It includes a detailed analysis of 120+ positions in the tech industry, with comprehensive profiles outlining the characteristics of specialists occupying these roles. Among the 23 functional categories, you have the option to select and explore compensation ranges for the professions of your interest.

Furthermore, we have created additional filters to refine your request. The report’s functionality enables you to access the database by analyzing statistics for all positions and integrating them into your own calculations.


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Discover the benefits of IT Research: Salary Report from the head of the research team at Lviv IT Cluster.

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Optimize your reward system based on accurate data

Benefits of the research


The most relevant data

We ensure report generation within 2,5 months from the start of data collection. You will get access to the most up-to-date information on the market and receive reports twice a year.


Gross and Net Bases

You can choose the calculation base displayed in the report: we provide base salary monthly data and total target cash per year with and without tax considerations.


Detailed Statistics

Explore a comprehensive list of statistics reflecting reward ranges for all levels of qualifications, specializations, and technologies.


Specific Job Focus

Do you need to assess the difference in compensation range between Full Stack and Back-end Java Developer? With our filters by specialization and technologies, you can select both parameters simultaneously.


Individual Approach

With additional filters, you can get data that perfectly matches your query, namely, select the size and business model of the company, and Project Manager and Product Manager rewards data for specialists with a technical background or without it.


Raw Data Collection

Our comprehensive approach to working with primary data from tech companies ensures flexibility in processing results and has significant advantages over analyzing previously aggregated indicators at the company level.

Ensure fair compensation for your team with
IT Research: Salary Report

For Whom

Rewards make up over 71% of the total companies’ expenditures. Therefore, meticulous planning of the budgeting process is crucial, as the potential cost of calculation errors is exceptionally high. Take into account tech industry trends when making systemic business decisions.


Are you a CEO or a representative of the HR department, specifically an HR director, Total Rewards Specialist, or Compensation & Benefits Manager? Optimize your compensation level policy and keep your finger on the pulse with our B2B product.


We have launched the IT Research: Salary Report project for companies in our tech community. For 9 years, we have been conducting tech industry studies and establishing long-term partnerships. By joining data collection, you will receive the report on favorable terms.


Are you scaling your business and creating new positions within the company structure? Our report will help you stay informed about current rewards in the market and determine salary ranges for professionals at new levels and specializations.


Forget about searching for data across multiple resources. The IT Research: Salary Report will meet the diverse needs of your company in salary analytics.

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