IT Research: Salary Report

Lviv IT Cluster has launched a unique study on salary trends in Ukraine’s tech market to help tech companies retain top talent, compete more effectively as employers, and optimize their reward system based on data from members of the largest tech community in Ukraine.

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About the project

Do you need an effective and reliable tool to shape your budget policy, mitigate risks, and foster growth and sustainability for your business? IT Research: Salary Report offers a detailed analysis of 100+ positions in the tech industry, as well as descriptive profiles of the characteristics of the job holders in these positions. Among the 21 functional job categories, you can choose and review reward ranges for professions that interest you the most. Furthermore, the report’s functionality includes filters to help you refine your search, and the ability to save critical information for your company.

Unique features of IT Research: Salary Report
The most relevant data

We ensure report generation within 2,5 months from the start of data collection. You will get access to the most up-to-date data on the market and receive reports twice a year.

Gross and Net bases

You can choose a calculation basis to be displayed in the report – Gross or Net. We provide both indicators.

Detailed statistics

In our report, you will find detailed statistics on compensation ranges for all levels of qualification, specializations, and technologies.

Specific job focus 

Do you need to assess the difference in compensation range between Full Stack and Back-end Java Developer? With our filters by specialization and technologies, you can select both parameters at the same time.

Individual approach

With additional filters, you can get data that perfectly matches your query, namely, select the size and business model of the company, and Project Manager and Product Manager rewards data for specialists with a technical background or without it.

Raw data collection

Our comprehensive approach to working with primary data from tech companies provides flexibility in processing results and has significant advantages over analyzing previously aggregated indicators at the company level.

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Benefits for your business:
Are you a CEO or a representative of the HR department, including the HR Director, Total Rewards Specialist, Talent Manager, Compensation Specialist, or People Partner? Optimize the compensation policy in your company and stay up-to-date with IT Research: Salary Report.
We have launched the IT Research: Salary Report project for our tech community members. For 8 years, we have been conducting tech industry analytical studies, and creating long-term partnerships. By joining data collection, you will receive a report on favorable terms.
Do you plan to scale your business and open new positions in the company structure? Our report will help you understand the current market salary trends, and determine the salary range for specialists of new levels and specializations.
Forget about searching for data on numerous resources to optimize cost per hire for attracting specialists. IT Research: Salary Report involves data on smart investments that will cover the basic needs in salary analytics for your company.
6 reasons to choose IT Research: Salary Report
Actual data of tech companies
We provide relevant data from companies of different sizes, business models, etc. Make sure you are competitive in the market, compare your compensation packages with companies that match your parameters, or develop individual benchmarking strategies.
Real-time salary analytics
We have collected data on 100+ positions in the tech industry. Make the best offers for top candidates using salary analytics.
Talent management
Ensure the stability and growth of your business, retain highly skilled professionals, and take long-term cooperation to the next level by establishing fair rewards
Efficient HR tool
Do you want your HR managers to use relevant data from Ukraine’s largest tech community during negotiations, rather than survey results from tech specialists or recruiters? Give them access to the IT Research: Salary Report.
Budget planning
Our accurate analytical data will help you plan project budgets and hire specialists according to real market conditions.
Biannual reporting
The project team has already analyzed data and formed reports as part of the Starter Edition and Spring Edition. In 2023, our team will also release the Autumn Edition, the results of which will be available in the fall.

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