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IT Research: Salary Report

A unique, comprehensive research of Ukraine’s tech market compensation system

About the project

Businesses must build a sound HR strategy in turbulent times and conform their personnel reward system with market trends. The Lviv IT Cluster conducted IT Research Salary Report, a unique salary study that offers valuable insights to help optimize your company’s compensation policy. By providing accurate data, this report allows you to manage talent effectively and achieve better business results.

We ensured representation from companies of diverse business models and sizes, enabling report owners to more accurately compare their company’s salary policy with that of similar segment companies. As part of the “Starter Edition” of the IT Research: Salary Report, the team has already analyzed data on more than 9,120 tech specialists holding different positions in 35 leading tech companies that are the Lviv IT Cluster members. In 2023, we will also implement the “Spring Edition” – data collection will start on April 1st, and the “Autumn Edition”, the results of which will be available in autumn.


Benefits for the business

The IT Research: Salary Report data will be beneficial for CEOs and tech company specialists working in the HR field and directly involved in compensation policy development: HR Directors, Total Rewards Specialists, Talent Managers, Compensation Specialists, People Partners, and others.

Companies must study the overall market landscape to plan an effective implementation of a business strategy. Often it involves creating new positions not previously represented in the company structure. Access to IT Research: Salary Report provides the opportunity to determine salary ranges for professionals of new levels and specializations. The research is also a valuable resource for:

  • Comparative analysis: companies can compare their compensation packages with those of other market players and ensure they offer competitive rewards.
  • Hiring specialists: access to salary ranges data for different professional groups corresponding to market trends to create the best offers for top candidates.
  • Retention: the opportunity to identify and minimize remuneration gaps, thus ensuring long-term cooperation with highly qualified professionals.
  • During negotiations: access to salary data helps HR managers understand whether the compensation level corresponds to the specialist’s position and experience.
  • Expense planning: the study will help review project budgets and create a hiring plan based on them.


IT Research: Salary Report project provides valid salary data to help optimize your business’s compensation system, establish a fair reward for specialists, and prevent talent outflow. Additionally, the research data will serve as the basis for forming a budget policy for resilient and sustainable businesses.


For more information and access to the report, please email: ilona.palamar@itcluster.lviv.u

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