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Legal Consulting

Legal services for tech companies

Our legal expertise in the tech industry

Legal services are a significant part of the Lviv IT Cluster’s activity. For over 10 years, our team of lawyers has been involved in creating legislation, joining work groups, and shaping legal approaches and constructs for regulating the industry. After the start of the full-scale invasion, the tech business also faced new challenges.

Legal Consulting involves a range of legal services, from operational consulting for tech companies to expertise in niche topics such as non-compete agreements, M&A, etc. Besides that, thanks to our participation in closed working groups at the state level, we have unique expertise that addresses the challenges of martial law. Our legal officers conduct closed webinars on the most relevant topics for the tech business and provide individual consultations.

IT Law Community

The IT Law Community coordinates the efforts of Cluster member companies to implement joint legal and legislative initiatives to protect the common interests of the tech industry. Nestor Shvets is the head and the leading expert of the IT Law Community, as part of which he shares his expertise, insights, and best practices. Thanks to extensive experience and a flexible approach, Lviv IT Cluster experts find effective solutions to specific issues and shape the legal standpoint of the tech industry.

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Why choose Legal Consulting
Expert assistance
  • We help tech companies continue doing business as usual in challenging times.
  • We are ready to support the continuous operation of your business during wartime.
  • Our team will provide expert assistance and protect the interests of tech companies.
Business and government
  • We work in all the important business and government working and contact groups.
  • Our team directly impacts the formation of legislation.
  • We amplify tech companies’ voice when making important decisions for the industry.
  • Lviv IT Cluster team works with country’s largest tech community uniting 260+ tech companies.
  • We deeply understand each client’s business needs and the tech industry’s common challenges.
  • This allows us to be a reliable and efficient legal partner for tech companies.
  • We offer solutions for companies of all sizes and business models.
  • We are happy to help you with the most complex legal issues.
  • Our team collaborates with local businesses and multinational corporations.
  • We develop and implement innovative and effective solutions in the most complex projects.
  • We assist in complying with rules and procedures that regulate business practices in the tech industry.
  • We build a culture of innovation in the legal sector.
Nestor Shvets
The Chief Legal Officer of the Lviv IT Cluster, who leads cooperation with foreign investors and clients, local authorities and governmental institutions. Nestor Shvetz has significant experience working on changes and proposals to legislation, representing/supporting social and reform initiatives. The Legal Consulting team is not just formally providing services, but above all, focuses on building reliable partnerships based on trust and maximizes involvement to solve the client’s problem. This is how we achieve goals and come up with solutions that help your business thrive. Nestor provides legal support in contract drafting, consulting on foreign employment, and protection of confidential information and intellectual property.

Drafting NDA, NCA, and MSA contracts
Legal Consulting team will help you avoid mistakes and consider all important legal nuances when preparing these agreements.
Formalization of relations with specialists
Consulting companies on employment, providing certificates and permits for employees, GIG contractors, individual entrepreneurs, and foreigners.
Protection of intellectual property
Registration and protection of rights: brands, copyrights, patents, IP agreements. We will protect intellectual property rights and preserve your developments.
Diia.City and tax payment
We have been working on Diia.City before its creation, our experience, and understanding of this regime will allow you to take advantage of its benefits and avoid risks.
Personal data protection
Consulting on personal data protection: GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PIPEDA, and ensuring legal processing of all data types.
International structuring
Consulting on tax structuring. CFC. Banks. Partnerships. Sound structure planning is a crucial element of success, which we will ensure.
Reservation and mobilization
Protecting the rights of the conscripts and companies during mobilization is highly essential. Our team has been working in this field since 2014.
Support for the Armed Forces
We help implement volunteer initiatives and support the Armed Forces of Ukraine in all directions.

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