VO-Tech Academy

Vo-Tech educational program

Who is an Information and Software Processor?
  • Specialist who knows the basics of basic and specialized programming languages, such as C, C++, Java, Javascript, Python, basics of testing and basics of web development
  • Possesses a base of software development methodologies and tools
  • Understands the principles of working with spreadsheets and databases
  • Uses programs for creating graphics, animation (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator), video editing programs (Adobe Premier), creation and design of presentations
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The opportunity to study after the 9th grade and start working in the technology sector as soon as possible.

The program meets the requirements of the modern market. It has been updated by senior and lead industry experts.

Opportunity for the best students to do internships at leading companies in the Lviv IT Cluster.

Access to IT Studlava – a closed recruiting platform for students of Lviv IT Cluster’s educational programs.

About the program

VO-Tech School is a project of Lviv IT Cluster, where the association, together with its member companies and local IT specialists, updates curricula in vocational education institutions.

Vo-Tech School is the fastest way to start a career in IT and join the education of a new generation of talents who will be able to start their careers immediately after graduation. In September 2021, Higher Vocational School #29 opened the first updated program within the project – for the profession of Information and Software Operator. From the first year of study, students learn the basics of programming and create their first projects. Employees from Lviv IT companies are involved in teaching. In addition to the basics of programming, the key courses of the program are the basics of testing, algorithms and data structures, and ESP.

There are currently 19 vocational education institutions in Lviv with 8362 students enrolled. They enter these institutions after the 9th grade, gain more practical knowledge over 3 years, and then can continue their studies at the university or start working in the profession right away.

Since 2016, Lviv IT Cluster has been working on systemic changes in education. The community has launched 18 bachelor’s programs in four universities in the city. Lviv IT Cluster uses its experience of cooperation with IT companies and educational institutions to modernize vocational education. Together with a working group of IT professionals, managers, and teachers, the association has updated the existing program to strengthen the connection between vocational education institutions and companies, including through practical training for students and internships at tech companies.

Roman Stetsky
Director of Vocational School No. 29.
“The project will qualitatively change the training of a skilled worker not only in the profession of Information and Software Processing Operator, but will also give impetus to the use of IT tools in other professions. Modernization of this area, which is one of the most demanded in the labor market today, will update not only the content of the training programs, but also the material and technical base of the educational institution and demonstrate a good example of public-private partnership in the development of vocational education in Ukraine.”
Entry requirements

Documents for initial vocational training at Vocational School No. 29 in Lviv will be accepted from June 1, 2022, and will end as groups are completed by profession, but usually no later than September 1, 2022.

Licensed volume – 30

State order – 30

Cost – $5,000.

Duration of study – 2 years 10 months.


Admission to the vocational school № 29 in Lviv. Lviv is conducted by competitive selection of applicants for training:

according to the rating list of applicants
by the results of the interview
based on the results of the average score of the relevant document on basic secondary education or complete general secondary education
by the results of entrance examinations
introduction of other selection criteria that do not contradict the legislation of Ukraine

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