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Educational programs modernization at Lviv universities

About The project

To get a higher education that will prepare you to work at the IT sphere is a dream of every technical specialty student who wants to achieve professional success and rapidly build a career.

Assistance in providing such education is a goal of Lviv IT Cluster and its member companies.

The project which will modernize educational programs: IT Expert is one of the most important educational initiatives of the Cluster.

Involving IT practitioners in teaching courses at universities enables students to get the most relevant and practical knowledge required to work in the industry. As for the companies that are involved in the project, they get an opportunity to prepare highly qualified young professionals according to market needs.

Quality changes in education of the future employees drive quality changes in the future of the country

Project goals

Consulting services

Advisory assistance for university teachers in questions of educational content and changes in IT specialties courses, according to the modern requirements of IT industry

Introduction of real cases

Introduction of real cases and modern programming technologies that are used in IT industry into educational process of studying

Motivating students

Motivational lectures by CEO’s of IT companies


Good education is the key
in training highly qualified human capital

Realization and participation

To solve the problems, which Lviv IT Cluster sets, it provides comprehensive and deep interaction with the graduating departments of universities and teachers who teach IT profession disciplines, the ones which are the most important to provide a proper knowledge level of future IT specialists.

Partnership with higher education institutions

Cluster makes a proposition to conclude partnership agreements with the university on the terms that our community will provide:

  • Expert support
    Addition of practical courses with learning methodologies and modern programming technologies tools.
  • Expert lectures
    Expert lectures before and after the courses, with annual repetition.
  • Expert Participation
    Attracting the leading expert (as a listener) in selected classes and examinations.
  • Practical tasks
    Practical tasks pool (with details) for laboratory works, course works, bachelor and master’s thesis.

Work with teachers

At the same time, the teacher involved in IT teaching course has to be prepared to comply with these requirements:

  • Cooperation with the expert
    Cooperation with the expert (consultant) from Lviv IT Cluster.
  • Modern practice
    The introduction of modern practices and software tools during laboratory works.
  • Course modernization
    Modernization of the course content
    especially in terms of materials and examples.
  • Training
    Passing the training in one IT Сluster members’ Training centers.

Study control

Quality Management of compliance with IT Cluster requirements on teaching students of IT specialties will be provided by IT Cluster.

  • Expert reviews
  • Students survey
  • Monitoring of education quality

Higher educational institutions and Lviv IT Cluster develop and offer necessary improvements in educational process.


In 2017 – 2019 Lviv IT Cluster with IT companies have been actively working on the construction of innovational student labs. 

In 2018 the first IoT lab in Lviv Polytechnic was opened.  The students of IoT educational program are now able to work in a 14 workplaces lab equipped with computers and instruments, required for development and construction of “smart devices”.  

Companies which contributed financially the most to the construction of the lab and procurement of equipment are PLVisionSoftServeCiklum, and Cypress. Other sponsors are EleksSombraKindGeekVakomsV.I.TechLohikaGlobalLogicIntelliasN-iXConscensiaPerfectialVector Software.


In 2019 at the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Technologies of Ivan Franko National University th new and professional Data Science and Machine Learning lab was opened. It wouldn’t be possible without the financial contribution of Infopulse. Data Science & Machine Learning Lab allows students to work with Big Data. Infopulse Data Science & Machine Learning Lab has 15 workstations and a modern powerful server to conduct calculations. робочих станцій і сучасний надпотужний сервер для проведення обчислень. Here, students will be able to work on their own projects, attend lectures and workshops by IT experts.


Besides, Lviv IT Cluster is working on 2 new labs in Ivan Franko National University and Lviv Polytechnic. That will be  Smart Solutions & ІоТ and  “Designing and construction of IoT” lab.

Conscensia, Sigma Software, PLVision LLC, SoftServe, Intellias, Perfectial, Vakoms, and  N-iX have already contributed to new labs construction. 

Khrystyna Martynyak
Project Coordinator

Do you have questions, suggestions or wish to contribute to the project? Please contact khrystyna.martynyak@itcluster.lviv.ua»

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