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IT professionals, teachers and students to improve higher education in Ukraine.
About the project

A common challenge tech companies face is the insufficiency of knowledge among specialists entering the market, prompting the need for additional education.

The IT Expert project systematically works on improving the level of tech education in Ukraine. We engage representatives of tech companies in both the planning phase of educational programs and throughout the educational process.

Join us to contribute to raising graduates who can start working in your company either during their studies or immediately after graduation. Invest your expertise in the development of the tech industry and replenish the market with quality talents who can become part of your team.

Project goals
Improve Lviv’s higher technical education by initiating new educational programs at key universities of the city.
Provide expert support to Lviv universities by engaging specialists from the Lviv IT Cluster member companies.
Facilitate productive partnerships among higher education institutions, government entities, and businesses to drive innovative growth in the tech industry.
Support the development of the entrepreneurial culture among students, as well as the city’s and region’s startup ecosystem.
How your company can join
The Graphic Design programme has been updated by leading design specialists, so it fully meets market requirements.
Updating the curriculum
Get involved in the periodic upgrading of course materials and specific subjects. Also, you can initiate and launch new programs together with the Lviv IT Cluster.
Teamwork on joint projects
Engage your specialists in mentoring and project pitching. Tech companies’ experts help students create their startups.
Contributing to the educational process
Specialists from the best universities and tech companies work with our students. Try yourself as a curator, teacher, or guest lecturer.
Improving learning conditions
Together with tech companies, we create innovative laboratories at city universities. Join the opening of new laboratories where students can gain important knowledge and practical skills for work in the tech industry.
Benefits for the Lviv IT Cluster member companies
Social impact
For tech companies, the project allows them to implement their own corporate SCR strategy through in-depth support for the universities, from organizing university educational spaces to holding lectures, workshops, and other events for students.
Employee motivation and growth
Leading specialists of tech companies can try themselves as teachers, curators, and mentors. They can not only share expertise but also get new valuable experience. IT Expert project offers many opportunities for companies to include in the internal career growth matrices of the employee.
Sustainable long-term development of the industry
The IT Expert project helps to develop and support the most valuable resource of Lviv IT Cluster member companies – their employees. Best graduates of the modernized programs join the Lviv IT Cluster member companies as employees and bring new ideas, knowledge, and approaches, allowing companies to reach new levels of growth.
Бажаєте долучитись до розвитку тех-освіти?
Educational programs
Currently, the Lviv IT Cluster supports 19 Bachelor’s programs covering all major areas of the tech industry
Метрологія та інформаційно-вимірювальна техніка
Internet of Things
Комп’ютерні науки
Artificial Intelligence
Комп’ютерні науки
Інформаційні системи та технології
Business Analysis
& Data Science
Системний аналіз
IT Sales Management
Системний аналіз
UI/UX Design
Видавництво та поліграфія
UI/UX Design
Графічний дизайн
Statistics and Data Science
Data Science & Intelligent Sysems
Інформаційні системи та технології
Software Engineering
Інженерія програмного забезпечення
Electronics and Computer Systems
Sensor and Analytical Systems
Мікро та наносистемна техніка
HR Managment
Публічне управління та адмінстрування
Student mentoring
The teamwork of students and experienced mentors is an integral part of the learning process in each of the educational programs supported by the Lviv IT Cluster. Student teams have the opportunity to work with mentors on joint projects throughout the semester or the entire academic year.
At the end of the semester, each team presents its project to a jury of experts, receives feedback, and evaluations that contribute to their grades within a specific academic subject.
The most promising projects are transformed into startups and attract initial funding. The Lviv IT Cluster and its partners support student startups by providing free organizational, expert, and promotional support.
Our main goal is to encourage students to engage in innovative activities, develop their entrepreneurial skills, and teach mentors to pass on their own experience and expertise to the younger generation.
Thanks to the educational initiative of the Lviv IT Cluster and member companies, the Mentors Community was formed. It is an informal community of tech specialists who regularly join mentoring students at Bachelor’s programs.
The community fosters professional growth – it facilitates experience exchange, soft skills development, and networking among like-minded specialists.
Currently, the Mentors Community headcount amounts to nearly one and a half hundred participants. Many companies incentivize their specialists to work with students. The Lviv IT Cluster has launched the Mentor Support Program to meet the needs of such companies.
Now the Mentors Community has about one and a half hundred members. Many companies encourage their employees to work with students. It is for such companies that Lviv IT Cluster has launched the Mentor Support Programme.

Join the Mentors Community of Lviv IT Cluster

For more information about how mentors and students work together, as well as about the Mentor Support Programme, please follow the link.

IT Expert project contributed to the establishment of 8 innovative laboratories at Lviv universities
IoT Lab at Lviv Polytechnic National University
Equipped with oscilloscopes, microprocessors, microcontrollers, diodes used by students in the Internet of Things program. Key sponsors include companies: PLVision, SoftServe, Ciklum.
Embedded Lab at Lviv Polytechnic National University
Includes sensors, screens, communication interfaces, modern controllers, and other components necessary for developing embedded solutions. The lab was open with the support of GlobalLogic to teach students to design robots and other smart devices.
Design and Construction of the Internet of Things Lab at Lviv Polytechnic National University
The laboratory has all the necessary equipment for working on IoT projects, including a laser engraver, robot machines, 3D printer. General partners – Sigma Software and SoftServe, Exclusive partner – PLVision, Gold partners – Intellias, Avenga, Conscensia, and Silver partner – Vakoms.
Game Design and Virtual Reality Lab at Lviv Polytechnic National University
Equipped with virtual reality devices and opened with the support of N-iX and DataArt.
Infopulse Data Science & Machine Learning Lab at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
The lab serves as a space for conducting research in data analysis and machine learning fields. Created with the support of Infopulse for students of the Data Science & Intelligent Systems program.
Sensor Electronics Lab at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
The lab includes oscilloscopes, signal generators, multimeters, frequency meters, logical analyzers, 3D printer, and corresponding computer equipment. Created with the support of SiTime.
AI Technologies Lab at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
In this laboratory, students conduct research in the development of machine learning algorithms, computer vision, and natural language processing. The laboratory is also used for implementing AI projects. Opening of the laboratory became possible thanks to the ELEKS company.
IoT Lab at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
The lab is equipped with new generation Mac computers and development boards for designing IoT solutions. Students have an engineering workstation for electronics assembly and a 3D printer for creating device casings design. The laboratory was created with the support of Indeema Software and Vakoms companies.

Do you want to get involved in the development of tech education?