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About the city

Lviv today is a city of opportunities and perspectives open to innovation and creative solutions. Over the past few years, Lviv has emerged as a center of Ukrainian information technologies and become one of the top three IT-cities of Ukraine alongside Kharkiv and Kyiv.

In 2009, international company KPMG named Lviv one of the most promising cities in development of IT-outsourcing. Lviv was the only Ukrainian city to get into the ranking which included thirty other locations all over the world.

Tholons’ rating of 2014 only strengthened the status of the city placing it among top-100 European outsourcing centers. International recognition goes alongside practice: more and more Ukrainian and international companies started opening their offices in Ukraine, and now IT industry is represented with almost two hundred companies.

The advantages of the city on the international IT market

Economic attractiveness

Lviv IT market is financially attractive for the foreign investors since they can hire experienced professionals and open new offices for reasonable prices. The city offers many opportunities for the potential businesses since it provides them with the high-quality services that are economically profitable and position the city as one of the most competitive IT centers in Europe.

Highly-qualified human capital

The city has eight high-end universities with more than four thousand talented IT-graduates every year. Academies and schools of IT companies support the students and others wishing to learn the IT profession while professional schools and courses provide the people with an opportunity to retrain for future employment.

Cultural and geographic proximity

Thanks to its historic past and location, Lviv is very connected to the European culture and mentality. More than one-third of Lviv IT specialists knows a second European language alongside English. The fact that the city is located in the very heart of Europe also makes it a convenient destination for outsourcing: flying from Lviv to major business centers in Europe will take approximately three hours. Thanks to this, one-third of the customers Lviv IT-companies have are Europeans, and half of them are Americans.  

Positive dynamics

Over the past five years, Lviv IT-market has increased threefold. 90% of IT-companies’ directors consider Lviv a favorable place for business, and more than 83% of them plan to continue investing in it.  Many local companies open offices abroad, the export market is growing, and a large number of Ukrainian IT-specialists is moving to Lviv from other cities. Lviv hosts large-scale IT-events as well as experiences positive trends thanks to the Association Agreement with the EU.


Lviv is located close to the key European business centers such as Berlin, Zurich, and Amsterdam.

ІТ Specialists

Human capital

According to IT Research conducted by IT Cluster, more than 15,000 employees work in IT sector, and these numbers are growing every year. New educational centers and programs begin to train specialists, and the city receives many professionals from the Eastern and Central Ukraine.


Every year, Lviv universities graduate more than 4,100 IT professionals. Also, in recent years Ukrainian students constantly win in international competitions. The amount of students is growing thanks to the constant demand within the industry.


Alongside nearly 200 IT companies, the city has eight coworking spaces. Cooperation between leading companies is established via Lviv IT Cluster that now unites 35 organizations with more than 6,500 specialists. Cluster’s unique projects strengthen the professional network and establish the contacts between IT experts. Cluster organizes a large-scale conference IT Arena which is one of the biggest events for IT professionals while other Cluster’s initiatives such as IT House and IT Club improve the cooperation between the IT professionals in the city.

Development rates

Industry development shows a positive dynamics. According to IT Research, the projected annual growth of IT-sphere is 20%, and the size of the IT-market has tripled in five years. Experts predict further improvement of Lviv business environment and accelerated pace of IT development.

Dynamics of the industry development in 2010-2015

Stepan Veselovskyi
CEO Lviv IT Cluster

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