Privacy Policy

Consent to the processing of personal data

Marking this page with tip, I confirm that I give my voluntary and unambiguous consent to Lviv IT Cluster Association (as data processor) for processing, including transfer to third parties of the data specified by me and performance of all necessary actions according to legislation of Ukraine, EU GDPR and federal laws of the USA, including:

  • in order to improve the customer’s use of the profile site Lviv IT Cluster, and use all the benefits of joining the information space of Lviv IT Cluster, in particular, including the community of Lviv IT Cluster in the messenger Telegram;
  • for the purpose of relations in the field of advertising, marketing and collection of personal data for commercial purposes, relations in the field of statistics, other relations related to the processing of personal data;
  • receiving appeals (messages, inquiries, etc.) from any persons by telephone (including SMS-mailings), mail, e-mail
  • carrying out advertising and marketing activities of the data processor (including, but not limited to, such actions as sending information and / or advertising messages about promotions or special offers by e-mail, sending SMS or voice messages, etc.)