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Our mission is to contribute to the transformation of Lviv into a world-class innovative, and investment-attractive technological center

The activity of the Lviv IT Cluster aims to create favorable conditions for running businesses by improving the quality of education, talent development, providing comprehensive support for tech companies, and advocating for industry interests.

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Our vision
A world-class technological center
Our activities are focused on making Lviv a hub for developing the technology sector in Ukraine, where highly skilled professionals work, innovative products and services are created, startups thrive, and investments are attracted. We strive for Lviv to establish itself as a city with a concentration of high-tech companies, research centers, universities, conferences, startup incubators, and accelerators for exchanging knowledge and experience.
A city for comfortable living
Improving Lviv’s infrastructure to the level of leading European cities and enhancing the region’s safety is one of our priorities. To fulfill this, the Lviv IT Cluster is not only involved in important infrastructure projects in the city but also operates in synergy with local and state authorities and collaborates with related industries.
An investment-attractive center
We aim to make Lviv attractive for investment and develop the Ukrainian tech business and local startups. To achieve this, we work on the international promotion of Ukraine’s product and service companies, helping them attract investments and new clients.
A center for the best technical education in Ukraine
The Lviv IT Cluster’s educational activities are focused on transforming technical education in line with industry demands and best global practices. Innovative approaches, practical experience, students working on their projects, and the involvement of experts and mentors from tech companies aim to establish Lviv as a leading educational center. We increase the number of motivated graduates in technical and related fields in Lviv who possess high knowledge and skills and are ready to work in tech companies.
A city of innovative projects and startups
We work towards creating a favorable environment for developing technological innovations and startups. This involves organizing events for professional growth, presentations of innovative ideas, and creating specialized spaces for work and learning through collaboration with local authorities and international partners, among other efforts.
The most powerful business community
We develop Lviv’s tech community into the most powerful and influential, whose opinion is considered both locally and nationally. We strive for the best of Ukraine’s tech market players to become part of the Lviv IT Cluster and advance the country’s tech industry to leading global standards together with us.
Projects of the Lviv IT Cluster
All projects
Stepan Veselovskyi
Executive Director, heads the Cluster Secretariat, which is the working body of the Cluster and deals with the direct implementation of all community projects.
Lviv IT Cluster supports the development of the IT industry at the local and state levels, strengthens the competitive position of Ukraine’s IT education, and makes all efforts to ensure that the IT business in Ukraine works uninterruptedly even under the most uncertain conditions.
Cluster management is based on clear and transparent conditions
General meeting
The General Meeting of Members is the supreme governing body that makes decisions on any issues of the Association. Each member has the number of votes proportional to the number of employees employed in the Lviv representative office of the member company. Cluster members at the General Meeting determine the quantitative composition of the Supervisory Board, elect members of the Supervisory Board, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and his deputy.
The composition of the general meeting:
Participating companies with headquarters in Lviv
Participating companies with headquarters in other cities
Supervisory Board
A collegial management body consisting of representatives of companies, local authorities and representatives of educational institutions that train IT specialists.
The composition of the supervisory board:
Up to 4 representatives of local companies
Up to 4 representatives of non-local companies
Representatives of the Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv Polytechnic National University and Ivan Franko National University of Lviv were nominated
Nominated representatives of Lviv City Council
Members of the Supervisory Board
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lviv IT Cluster Sviatoslav Kavetskyi
Orest Blazhiyevsky
Oleg Denis
Natalia Kyrnychna
Olena Kozlova
Igor Kostiv
GlobalLogic Ukraine
Andrii Okseniuk
Mykhailo Puzrakov
Ruslan Seredyuk
Andriy Skoropad
Andriy Tabachin
Andriy Trofimov
Ivan Babichuk

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