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Our mission is to maximize our contribution to establishing Lviv as a technological hub of Eastern Europe.

Our projects bring Lviv closer to the top European cities in terms of quality of life, updated tech education, infrastructure development, world-noted tech products, and a favorable environment for starting and conducting business.

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Our vision
Technological center of Eastern Europe
Creation of a new brand positioning and strategy of the city through the success stories of local companies and products, attracting tech talents in Lviv and organizing large-scale tech events.
City for comfortable living
Development of Lviv’s infrastructure to the level of leading European cities. Uniting like-minded people in the IT industry in a comfy and safe IT Village suburban space. Creation of a Mental health center for people who need help in times of war.
Lviv is a center of Ukraine’s tech education
By innovating and modernizing the educational system, with the maximum involvement of experts and mentors from tech companies, we aim to strengthen the brand of Lviv as a scientific and student center. We promote the growth of the number of graduates with tech majors in Lviv in response to the needs of the IT industry.
The most attractive Ukrainian city for IT specialists
We strive to make Lviv an attractive place for temporary or permanent relocation and a center of career opportunities for talented IT professionals from different regions of Ukraine. After the start of the full-scale invasion, we launched a series of Victory Projects to support the Armed Forces and improve security in Lviv and the region.
City of innovative projects and startups
As part of the IT Arena, we organize Startup Competition – the leading event for revolutionary startups in Eastern Europe to support and invest in startups of Lviv, the region, and Ukraine, which is essential for successful tech businesses and products developed in Lviv.
The most resilient community
To develop the IT community of Lviv to the most influential and powerful scale, with our voice to be heard in making critical strategic decisions, we strengthen and improve interaction with different level state officials.
Projects of the Lviv IT Cluster
All projects
Stepan Veselovskyi
Executive Director, heads the Cluster Secretariat, which is the working body of the Cluster and deals with the direct implementation of all community projects.
Lviv IT Cluster supports the development of the IT industry at the local and state levels, strengthens the competitive position of Ukraine’s IT education, and makes all efforts to ensure that the IT business in Ukraine works uninterruptedly even under the most uncertain conditions.
Cluster management is based on clear and transparent conditions
General meeting
The General Meeting of Members is the supreme governing body that makes decisions on any issues of the Association. Each member has the number of votes proportional to the number of employees employed in the Lviv representative office of the member company. Cluster members at the General Meeting determine the quantitative composition of the Supervisory Board, elect members of the Supervisory Board, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and his deputy.
The composition of the general meeting:
Participating companies with headquarters in Lviv
Participating companies with headquarters in other cities
Supervisory Board
A collegial management body consisting of representatives of companies, local authorities and representatives of educational institutions that train IT specialists.
The composition of the supervisory board:
Up to 4 representatives of local companies
Up to 4 representatives of non-local companies
Representatives of the Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv Polytechnic National University and Ivan Franko National University of Lviv were nominated
Nominated representatives of Lviv City Council
Members of the Supervisory Board
Ivan Babichuk
Orest Blazhiyevsky
Oleg Denis
Natalia Kyrnychna
Elena Kozlova
Igor Kostiv
GlobalLogic Ukraine
Andrii Okseniuk
Mikhail Puzrakov
Ruslan Seredyuk
Andriy Skoropad
Andriy Tabachin
Андрій Трофімов
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lviv IT Cluster Sviatoslav Kavetskyi
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