IT Meets

IT Meets is a series of one-day professional events that bring together professionals from different areas of the tech industry to exchange knowledge and network productively.


We strive to create a strong community of like-minded individuals who can help each other improve and enhance their professional skills.

Project goals
  • Launching a series of high-quality one-day professional events
  • Development of the professional tech community in Ukraine
  • Creating an environment for effective communication between tech professionals
  • Knowledge exchange between experts from different companies
  • Productive networking with community members
  • Involvement of expert speakers
IT Meets: Talent
  • Supporting the mental health of IT professionals
  • Building effective processes in times of turbulence
  • Communicating with the team during a crisis
IT Meets: Tech
  • Best practices in software architecture and development
  • Trends in software testing
  • Tools for DevOps
IT Meets: Product
  • The most important metrics in product analytics
  • Improving the UX
  • Product marketing
IT Meets: Management
  • Effective project management
  • Inspiring team management
  • Agile, Scrum, and other management methodologies
IT Meets: Startup
  • From idea to successful business
  • Strategies for entering new markets
  • Search for investments
IT Meets: Bizdev
  • Finding new customers and sales in times of uncertainty
  • Customer service
  • Marketing tools that really work
IT Meets: Talent

The first IT Meets event took place offline in Lviv on March 17th. IT Meets: Talent.The new role of companies in times of uncertainty  focused on the new role of companies in times of uncertainty and cover topics such as working in turbulent times, establishing processes within the company, supporting employees, mental health, and the main trends in HR in 2023. The event joined HR professionals, including Chief People Officers, heads of relevant departments, People Partners, Recruiters, Brand Managers, HR Marketers, HR Generalists, Community Managers, etc.

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