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We build a leading technological hub in Lviv

A community based on principles of social responsibility can initiate systemic changes in the business environment of the city and the country. For that reason, for almost 10 years, the Lviv IT Cluster has been implementing educational, promotional, infrastructural, and research projects to improve the Lviv business ecosystem, raise the level of education and create jobs.


We have built a community of influential and powerful leaders whose voice is heard when making strategic decisions, important for the city and the country. We appreciate the trust of tech companies which is central to our organization’s success. We provide expert assistance to all member companies who need knowledge or experience in a specific business sphere.


Our goal is to increase the number of graduates with tech degrees in Lviv. Together with progressive companies – our community members, we have launched 19 new IT programs with over 4,500 students enrolled in them. Each of our community members can join educational projects and contribute to the creation of new bachelor’s programs.

IT market research

Since 2015, the Lviv IT Cluster has been conducting large-scale IT market studies. Our members are the first to get access to the results of IT Research – annual analytical reports on industry development. These research data allow our members to understand how the IT industry is evolving and to build business strategies.

We offer unique services for our members

Lviv IT Cluster is a reliable partner for our members always on hand to help solve their practical needs. We have created and successfully implemented numerous services and projects beneficial for the IT industry, for our members, and for companies that haven’t yet joined the Lviv IT Cluster. We are a community of responsible businesses and leaders ready to invest their time in the development of our city and tech industry.


A unique service for our community members is the Lviv Tech B2B platform, which offers the opportunity to promote small and medium-sized companies and find new customers on the international market for them. Lviv IT Cluster members can promote their services, and potential clients can find the right company and contact it directly to establish cooperation.


IT Club Loyalty is the only loyalty program in Ukraine, which provides discounts from more than 1,300 partners. Cluster members get access to special offers and discounts in a convenient mobile app. Currently, this service is used by more than 270 companies and 30 thousand IT specialists in 11 cities in Ukraine.


For the IT community, we annually organize more than a hundred networking events, the largest of which is the IT Arena. The conference gathers more than 5,000 attendees to build useful business relationships with leaders of the Ukrainian and global tech community.

We ensure business continuity

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we were the first to start Covid-testing, and later mass vaccination for the employees of the Cluster companies. Long before the invasion, we launched the work of the BCP team, and after February 24 – we initiated Victory projects – to help businesses work uninterruptedly in new, difficult conditions.


Thanks to the Cluster’s activity, which introduced new approaches to ensuring business functioning, the member companies can continue stable work in Ukraine even during the war.


We initiate projects that make our city safer for talented IT specialists and entrepreneurs to consider Lviv as a place for temporary or permanent relocation. Among the Victory projects, Vision and Sky are essential, as they are aimed at securing our city and the sky above it.

Backup connection

As part of a joint initiative of the Lviv IT Cluster and the SpaceX division, we provided the critical infrastructure of Ukraine’s western regions with a backup Internet connection and handed over 400 Starlink terminals to critical infrastructure and business needs.

Support of the Armed Forces

To protect the military who defend our country on the frontlines, we launched the Armor project – an initiative to purchase 1,000 class 4+ bulletproof vests, our team has already purchased and handed over 800 bulletproof vests.

Participating companies

More than 270 companies have already become members of the Lviv IT Cluster and enjoy all the benefits of membership. The association’s management is based on clear and transparent conditions. Each member can be elected to the Supervisory Board, a governing body of the Lviv IT Cluster to participate in the Strategic Session and offer ideas, which is an effective tool for starting new projects.

We have a long history with the Cluster, as Qubstudio has been a member of the organization almost since its inception. For many years, our company has been cooperating with Lviv IT Cluster as a design partner on a number of projects: IT Arena, IT Jazz, IT Club and others. Qubstudio is also the creator of the cluster’s logo and corporate identity, as well as its website. It is very pleasant to see the rapid development of the organization, the constant process of initiating and implementing more ambitious and large-scale projects, together to victory!
Nadia Luschak
CEO, Ph.D.
Our company has been cooperating with the IT Cluster almost since its inception. During this time, the Cluster has grown to almost 300 members. I would like to thank the team for their comprehensive support throughout the entire period of our cooperation, for organizing a community of like-minded people where you can always meet friends, discuss the latest news and share experiences. Many thanks to the entire team and especially to Stepan Veselovskyi for your work and contribution to the development of our community.
Ivan Pylypchuk
СЕО, Co-Founder
Our company joined the Cluster two years ago. Looking back, we can confidently say that the Cluster has played a major role in the company’s development. Thanks to the Cluster, we started new partnerships, engaged industry experts, and met new people. We are happy to be a part of our rapidly developing Lviv IT community.
Ivan-Oleksa Denysiuk
At GlobalLogic, we highly appreciate the cooperation with Lviv IT Cluster, our joint contribution to the development of Lviv as a powerful IT region of Ukraine, our work in media support of the industry, and press events with speakers from GlobalLogic and Lviv IT Cluster. We are grateful to Lviv IT Cluster for the joint efforts invested in the sustainability of the region and business – we are proud to create projects together that bring Ukraine’s victory closer. We strive to further develop the IT industry in Ukraine and Lviv in particular together with our reliable partners.
Anna Shcherbakova
Head of Operations
As one of the founders of Lviv IT Cluster, we are pleased to have been implementing projects in various areas of importance to the industry and the community for many years. The past year has shown us that by joining forces we can achieve more and strengthen each other in realizing our goals, sharing common values and developing Ukraine’s IT sector even in difficult times. This is how the Ukrainian IT industry has survived and maintained the highest level of service and expertise that our clients are accustomed to. This allows us to make a significant contribution to the country’s economy, help the army, and work together to win.
Andriy Krupa
We are proud of our long and fruitful cooperation with the Lviv IT Cluster. For many years, the community representatives have been developing the industry and creating a regional IT ecosystem in Ukraine’s western regions, as well as hosting large-scale events and tech industry studies. As always, doing it with a high level of professionalism, responsibility, and creativity.
Andriy Oksenyuk

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