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 The advantages of being a Lviv IT Cluster Member

  • Influence on the Development of Lviv

Lviv IT Cluster is a part of Lviv Competitiveness Strategy and has business relations with Lviv City Council.Companies which are Cluster members receive a permanent representation of their interests in the municipal authorities. They also have opportunity to influence the development of IT industry in the city via representation in Lviv Competitiveness Council.

  • Networking

The company gets access to IT business environment of the city, one also gets the latest information and contacts. This is an opportunity for top managers of the companies to exchange experiences, practices and achievements in their work. IT Cluster also enables companies to accomplish projects
jointly or to respond to challenges that arise in the environment.

  • Human Capital

Companies which are members of IT Cluster get access to human resources. While participating in the project IT Expert, companies have access to human resources in the Universities. Cluster members also have access to a unique database of Lviv IT School graduates, which trains specialists in the following areas: PM, QA, Programming and UI / UX.

  • Business Education

Lviv IT Cluster together with Lviv Business School has launched a training program MS of Technology Management – the first English-language program in Ukraine for c-level executives of the technology industry. Representatives of Cluster member companies have the opportunity to study the program MS of Technology Management with $ 1000 discount per person.

  • Promotion

The company gets opportunity to increase brand recognition in the region through conferences, events and IT Cluster support. All employees of the Cluster member companies can take part in loyalty program Lviv IT Club. The program consolidates more than 200 partners that offer discounts on accommodation, traveling, flight tickets and other services.

  • Life Quality

IT House is a project which aims to build a house for employees of IT industry. Employees of the companies which are Cluster members can participate in the project IT House. Apartment price – $555 per m2. Project scheduled to be completed  in quarter III, 2017.

  • Access to Information

In IT Research we implemented a unique analytical study of the entire Lviv IT market with high representativeness. This project provides accurate and comprehensive information on the number of IT employees in Ukraine, their kind of employment, skills and rates.
IT Cluster members get access to this information

  • Events

Representatives of IT Cluster members take part in all the events free of charge or on special conditions. Lviv IT Cluster is a partner and organizer of several conferences and workshops throughout the year. In particular, one of the largest IT conferences in Ukraine – IT Arena.

In case you are interested in becoming a member of Lviv IT Cluster – please apply here.