Intelvision – New Member of Lviv IT Cluster

17 Feb, 2021

Intelvision works with software development, consulting, and support. The company has expertise in Web & Mobile development. A dedicated team is another service Intelvision provides – it’s ideal for customers who have enough expertise to handle the management of the project and need development resources only.

Intelvision technology stack:

  • .Net: ASP.Net, .Net Core, Xamarin (Android & iOS)
  • JS: Angular, React, Node
  • WordPress
Intelvision’s main value is the team. The company works hard to build the best team ever. Advanced hard skills, proper communication, and good manners are a must – Intelvision thoroughly tests these and many other aspects when looking for new talents.

Intelvision clients get reliable and high-quality software, which is the result of the team’s synergy and following of best practices and standards of the market-leading companies.

Meeting new people is meeting new facilities. While Cluster, as a community, is all about new people. Intelvision team is glad to join the power which pushes the Industry to new limits.”- Comments Roman Yarovyi, CEI, Intelvision.

Welcome to Lviv IT Cluster, in our great and friendly community of tech companies. I hope, Intelvision will become a proactive member and will get them a great experience of cooperation here – the experience of cooperation and launching new projects important for our city and industry.”– Comments Stepan Veselovskyi, СЕО, Lviv IT Custer.