Intetics Opens a New SoftDev Office in Armenia

11 May, 2022

Expanding its global presence, Intetics opens a new office in the capital of Armenia – Yerevan. Today Armenia is one of the most popular destinations for the relocation of IT specialists. Since 2015, the local government has reduced the tax rate for employees of IT companies to 10%.

Furthermore, this beautiful and hospitable country has an impressive list of advantages of living and working here. There are beautiful ski resorts and excellent air communication in Armenia. The natives take kindly to visitors in Armenia. Yerevan is on the list of the safest cities in the world. And more to the point, the city is one of the sunniest spots in the world. There are from 295 to 325 sunny days a year! 

“We like calling Yerevan “an open-air museum” because of its numerous ancient temples in picturesque places. The weather is always sunny here, which is perfect for driving through the countryside. Just an hour’s drive from Yerevan is the largest mountain lake in the Caucasus, Sevan, and a half-hour from the city, we have the beautiful Dilijan National Park. Armenians are a very hospitable nation. We are always glad to help people from the post-Soviet countries”, says the Intetics Software Engineer from Armenia.

The Intetics new office is in the center of Yerevan, just three minutes away from the Cascade Complex with a panoramic view of the city. Located on high ground, the office building is on a quiet street in a prestigious quarter. The cozy yard near the office is a great place for taking time over a cup of coffee or admiring the picturesque view of Mount Ararat in fine weather. The comfortable open space is designed to house up to 10 workplaces. With a cozy kitchen and a very comfortable, spacious interior, there will be all necessary for full-fledged work in the office. Now the office is finishing the renovation. In June, it will open its doors to the Intetics colleagues. 

The name of the legal entity in Armenia is NoahSoft. According to the company’s management plan, the Armenian office will become a symbolic “ark” at the foot of Ararat for those colleagues who had to leave their country for various reasons.