KindHack at Symphony Solutions Creates 7 New Projects for Local NGO’s

11 Apr, 2019

Developers and NGO’s Came Together for the 5 th KindHack at Symphony Solutions.

APRIL 11, 2019, LVIV, UKRAINE: Symphony Solutions continued its tradition of hacking for charity, providing needed software projects for local NGO’s. This is valuable for charitable organizations who have no budgets for these projects and gratifying for developers who choose to donate their time to worthy causes. The popularity and success of their first KindHack in 2014 motivated Symphony Solutions to perpetuate the event.


From a record over 30 NGO project submissions, seven projects were selected. Selection is based on 1) value to the community and 2) challenging enough to encourage participation by developers.

1. Nearly 40 developers were divided into 7 teams.
2. The number on each team depends on the complexity of the project.
3. A mentor was assigned to each team.
4. By Sunday evening, project solutions were presented to the group.
5. Developers then voted for projects, but are not permitted to vote for their

6. Winners were announced.

Winning projects appear below:

1 st Place: Plast is a scouting organization which needed a mobile app to improve user experience for new volunteers, to provide orientation, background information, directories, calendar of events, and feedback interaction.
2 nd Place: Vpershe is an online platform designed to offer medically- and practically- based information about sex, health, and discrimination to young people, who do not get this training at home or in schools. Vpershe needed mobile communication games to help discuss sensitive issues.

3 rd Place: is an online location referral system that organizes donation opportunities. They needed a referral map to simplify the donation process, such that people with items to donate know where to take them.

It is important to remember that everyone wins at KindHacks. Seven NGO’s leave with completed projects and developers leave with the satisfaction of having created something of value.

Additional Opportunities

NGO’s whose projects were not included into selected 7 joined workshops 1) to learn how to use digital marketing strategies to increase website traffic to enhance relevance and interest among targets, and 2) to learn to build basic websites without the use of developers. These additional streams provided equally valuable information to participants, such that they can put this new learning to practical use.

About Symphony Solutions

Symphony Solutions is a digital transformation company headquartered in Amsterdam, with delivery centers in The Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, and Macedonia. They provide primarily Western European and North American clients with IT, BPO, Consultancy, and Agile Transformation services.