Platform, Developed by EPAM, Wins 2019 Adobe Experience Maker Award

01 Apr, 2019
EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM), a leading global provider of digital platform engineering and software development services, today announced that Hilti Corporation’s campaign management platform won the 2019 Adobe Experience Maker Award for Best Experience-Driven Campaign. Developed by EPAM, the multi-channel marketing platform, built on Adobe, helped Hilti increase operational efficiencies, customer engagement, and stability in accelerated time-to-market.

With fierce competition in customer experiences, Hilti needed to update their outdated email marketing platform, which lacked engaging UX, scalable architecture and had limited system features. Hilti and EPAM worked together to integrate Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager with their existing ecosystem to build and implement a unified, multi-channel campaign management platform to effectively target its customers. Using agile methodology, the platform was rolled out across 61 markets and resulted in a 30 percent increase in time-to-market and a 55 percent increase in team productivity.

EPAM Systems Award

“Leveraging our Adobe expertise, design thinking, and software engineering capabilities, we worked with Hilti to address their challenges and deliver a platform that helps them effectively engage customers – in fact, the solution resulted in an 18 percent increase in customer acquisition,” said Valeri Makovik, Co-Head, Digital Engagement Practice, EPAM. “Hilti and EPAM really approached this project as one team, and we are both honored and excited that our collaboration was recognized by Adobe.”
Hilti’s new campaign management platform features template-driven email editing, data acquisition, campaign orchestration, audience and subscription management, and personalized, extended customer profiles. With the new solution, Hilti achieved a 50 percent decrease in platform costs, increased email volume from six million to 14 million, and is now able to measure, track and optimize email campaigns across multiple channels for its customers.
“The Global Hilti Digital Team embarked on a journey to improve our email marketing platform to drive engagement with our customers and this award further supports that we are headed in the right direction. We are beyond excited to win this award and share this accomplishment with EPAM,” said Ebony Hunt, Global Digital Program Manager, Hilti Corporation.
The Adobe Experience Maker Awards highlights companies that helped define a customer-centric way of doing business while delivering exceptional customer experiences. Hilti and EPAM were recognized with an Adobe Experience Maker Award during Adobe Summit North America in Las Vegas, NV.
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