Are All IT Specialists in Lviv Working from Home?

19 Mar, 2020

On Friday, all members of Lviv IT Cluster received a short survey about the Lviv IT companies` work during the quarantine period and the measures they have introduced in their offices. We appreciate all your responses and now would like to share a brief infographic based on the answers we received.

IT companies in Lviv have taken the global pandemic seriously and responded quickly: almost 97% of the companies we surveyed said they provided their employees with the detailed Guidance on how to act during the pandemic and prepared the most relevant information about COVID-19 with useful links.

Most companies (88% of respondents) have been taking care of the cleanliness and safety in the offices and provided their premises with sanitizers.

76% of the companies offer employees the option of working from home if they feel they need it. Most companies did it last week. Only 38% of the companies have put their employees on quarantine so far, but another 19% say they are planning to introduce quarantine soon.

65% of the companies canceled their employees` business trips to foreign countries, 50% of them cancelled all internal events. And 23% of the companies banned offline meetings.

99% of the companies consider remote work as the most effective method of combating COVID-19.

What’s next?

42% of the companies said quarantine is their next step in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. 19% believe that they have done everything possible and do not plan to take any further actions in the near future.
Other responses concerning the companies` next steps include purchasing quartz lamps to sterilize office spaces; introduction of a mandatory quarantine period only for those who have returned from a trip or have respiratory infections; providing employees with the up-to-date information; introduction of corporate medical consultations; measuring body temperature before entering the office. Some companies are ready even to revise their corporate policies and improve business processes.