ViSoft Joins Lviv IT Cluster

14 Nov, 2019

ViSoft has joined Lviv IT Cluster!

ViSoft is an international worldwide company with the main office in Germany and Development Center in Lviv. ViSoft Development Center was founded in 2006.

ViSoft is a mission-driven company.  ViSoft creates products and services for interior design, which are successfully being used in 87 countries in 22 languages. ViSoft’s B2B2C system is making the lives of their clients and their clients’ clients better. The company’s mission is: “Champions in Worldwide Championship”. Using .net, WPF, directX, Unity 3D and Flutter ViSoft creates a number of desktop, mobile and online applications that are connected in one system.

ViSoft loves what they do! Its R&D department creates unique technical solutions which are participating in International Fairs in Europe and the USA.


The best thing that ViSoft has – is the team.  It is a family-like atmosphere in the office. ViSoft is proud to have some team members, who stay with the company for over 13 years now since it was founded in 2006. Also, ViSoft welcomes new young team members who add to the perfect combination of experience, knowledge, and energy. The company loves to organize unforgettable team buildings in Ukraine and abroad. The last ones were held in Slovenia and the Netherlands.

According to Oleksandr Varnakov, CEO at ViSoft: Partnership with Lviv IT Cluster is an important step for us. As our company grows, I see a raising request to be not just a single player, but a part of a socially active business. We are looking forward to gaining new knowledge and are ready to share our experience in creating and supporting successful products. 

“Lviv IT Cluster is open to new ideas and opportunities for collaboration. I hope that Tieto will become a proactive member of our community and will contribute to the launching and implementation of our projects,” says Stepan Veselovskyi, СЕО, Lviv IT Cluster.