Govitall Joins Lviv IT Cluster

07 Mar, 2019

Govitall is the biggest product IT company in the field of educational projects and building a successful career. The company actively works and continually grow since 2004. Now it is a market leader in our field. Customers from all over the world prefer the products of the company.

Since its inception, the company had respect to three golden rules, which are minimum of bureaucracy, a creation of an ambitious team, and continuous improvement of business processes. Govitall also pays a lot of attention to corporate culture and values. That is how the company can keep the pace and preserve the essential qualities.

As Govitall leads a large number of innovative projects, the employees have the most excellent opportunities for personal growth and development. The skills and knowledge they gain here help them become top-notch experts in what they do. The professional growth of employees is more than appreciated; the company sets no limits on development. The company always pays for the conferences, seminars, courses and other events (even abroad) attendance – all to enhance the professional skills of employees.

Govitall is a market leader. The secret behind our success is in the constant professional development and special focus devoted to corporate culture and values.

‘Lviv IT Cluster is a qualitatively new stage in the development of the business ecosystem in Ukraine. It is not only a great honor to join this community, but also a great chance to be on the cutting edge of modern IT technologies. Becoming a member of Lviv IT Cluster is a new step in the history of our company. It took us only a couple of years to succeeded in our field. We will be happy to share the knowledge and experience with the most progressive IT community in Ukraine,’ says Eugeniy Kriukov, CEO of Govitall.

«We welcome GoVitall in Lviv IT Cluster community. We’re the biggest tech community in Ukraine which constantly grows. We would be glad to engage our new members in the realization of the new and important projects for the city and industry. Hope for effective and productive collaboration. »Comments Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO, Lviv IT Cluster.