Lviv IT Cluster Awards the Most Active IT Companies

17 Dec, 2019

With 2019 approaching the finish line, we’ll try to summarize the results of Lviv IT Cluster’s activities. As of the end of 2019, Lviv IT Cluster has united 95 IT companies and over 16,000 IT professionals. We have implemented 5 academic programs at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, launched new IT Village and Lviv Tech Angels projects, and 217 new partners joined our IT Club Loyalty program. What other accomplishments was 2019 marked with for Lviv IT Cluster? Below, you’ll find a detailed account of all our achievements.

The most active members of Lviv IT Cluster were granted awards at the organization’s General Assembly on Friday, December 13. SoftServe won the Proactive Member Award, as it has participated in all projects of Lviv IT Cluster. Intellias received Best Team Player Award for providing long-term reliable support. N-iX, a company that motivates everyone around and is the first to believe in a project’s success, was presented an Icebreaker Award. PLVision received the Academic High Achiever Award for its contribution to education. ELEKS, a company that boasts a vibrant and close-knit community, became the IT Club Champion. Forbytes received the Best Neighbor Award, as a record number of the company’s employees are going to become the residents of IT Village. Epam won the Newsmaker of the Year nomination since the company became the star of our printed magazine ITID.

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Education is one of the main areas of activities of Lviv IT Cluster. Within the frames of IT Expert project, we launched 5 innovative programs at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv: Cybersecurity, Software Engineering, Statistical Data Analysis, Sensor and Diagnostic Electronic Systems, Human Resource Management in Public Sphere and Business. A new IoT lab was created at Lviv Polytechnic National University. Moreover, Tech Battle, a competition among the students’ innovation projects, was conducted for the first time. The Ukrainian Catholic University’s team Fencing Assistant, who came up with the solutions for fencers, won the competition. The students received 25,000 UAH for the development of their idea. In the course of IT Future project, 30 schools from Lviv and the region participated in the excursions to the leading Lviv IT companies conducted by our project managers. As part of the IT Challenge, competitions for talented students were organized. The student of Lviv school №9, Oleksandr Ohlashennyi became the winner. The student received 10,000 UAH for the development of his project, a robotic arm, and the School №9 was provided with equipment for its computer class.


IT Park has become the largest infrastructure project of Lviv IT Cluster and is going to become in future the center of the city’s IT industry and a hub for more than 10,000 IT professionals. This year, Lviv IT Cluster signed preliminary lease agreements with the first residents of the IT Park during the Jazz IT conference. Among them are the leaders in the IT industry of the city SoftServe, Perfectial, Intellias, GlobalLogic, and N-iX. Besides, Lviv IT Cluster has commenced work on the Innovation Labs Complex concept, which is scheduled to be completed next year.

IT Village is one more ambitious project of Lviv IT Cluster. We create a comfortable living space for IT professionals on the outskirts of the city, following the latest technological trends. The project has commenced in April, and by the end of the year, the second stage of construction began. 37 houses were sold, with another 30 ready for roofing.

217 new partners with more than 5,000 app users joined our IT Club Loyalty program this year. More than 2,500 new users are from Odesa and Kyiv. Besides, we have updated our mobile app and created the IT Club Loyalty website.


The end of September 2019 was marked with the largest tech event held in Lviv. IT Arena 2019 brought together 3816 visitors from 30 countries, 104 media representatives, 120 startups to discuss the negative and positive aspects of technological advances. In particular, the conference covered the issues of hacking, spying and information manipulation. Speakers included experts from Microsoft, Spotify, The Number 1 Agency, UiPath, Ajax Systems etc. Having become an annual tradition, the IT Arena Startup Competition was conducted, with a total prize pool of $96,000. The winners were Legal Nodes, a virtual assistant that helps companies identify and meet legal needs. The founders received $10,000 for the development of their business.

The 4th IT Jazz hosted by Leopolis Jazz Fest in June gathered 136 visitors: leaders of IT companies, government officials and investors. During the event, the Innovation District IT Park lease agreement was signed and a new IT Cluster’s project Lviv Tech Angels was presented.

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Promo projects

ITID is a quarterly English print magazine about the tech industry and representatives of IT community in Lviv. The project started in 2017 and continues gaining momentum. In 2019, four issues were published that addressed the most pressing issues in the IT industry, as well as the peculiarities of tech industry development in Ukraine and Lviv, in particular. Among the issues of the magazine are green technologies, life in the age of stress, corporate innovations, IT business in Lviv, etc. The magazine has also expanded its presence and is currently available in 97 of the city’s locations, best hotels, restaurants, etc.

Four years in a row,  Lviv IT Cluster together with the sociological agency “Fama” has been conducting a survey among IT specialists. This year, 820 IT professionals participated in the study. According to the survey, the city’s IT industry is developing rapidly, with 25,000 IT professionals, 416 companies, and more than $ 1 billion of economic turnover.

IT Law Department

IT Law Department provides legal support for all projects and companies that are members of Lviv IT Cluster. This year we organized 12 meetings with entrepreneurs, provided 130 consultations for the Lviv IT Cluster members. In addition, an online “Ask your lawyer” service which operates 24/7 was launched.

Latest projects

Lviv Tech Angles, a new investment project of Lviv IT Cluster, is going to develop the startup culture of Lviv and Ukraine. Currently, there are 5 founding members. It is headed by Mykhailo Puzrakov, COO and Co-Founder of Intellias. The project was launched in June 2019 at the IT Jazz conference. The club’s members participated in the jury at the IT Arena Startup Competition in September and are going to intensify their activity next year.

Lviv IT Cluster annually embarks on larger and more ambitious projects. We have many more ideas we are going to implement for the development of the IT industry in Lviv and Ukraine.