IT Future

Career guidance project of Lviv IT Cluster

About the project

IT Future is an educational initiative of the Lviv IT Cluster, which aims to tell students about the IT industry. IT Future is one of the first Lviv IT Cluster projects in the area of improving technical education in Lviv.

The main goal of IT Future is to promote IT among youth. We are convinced that students and graduates are not sufficiently informed about the tech industry and the opportunities it opens. Our goal is to show that IT is a field worth studying after school, increase the number of students going into tech disciplines and expand the amount of highly qualified employees in the IT industry of Lviv.

Project goals
  • To tell students about the IT industry, professions it includes, and the specifics of working in this field
  • To motivate them to learn, especially applied sciences and foreign languages;
  • To improve the quality of teaching computer science in local schools;
  • To establish a dialogue between students, teachers, and IT professionals.
Benefits ot the projects

One of the biggest benefits of IT Future is that the project is flexible and dynamic. Annually, as part of it, new initiatives and formats appear that are relevant to students and respond to changes in the education process.

IT Future Conf

In 2022 our team organized an educational conference – IT Future Conf. Initially, the conference was planned to be held in the autumn of 2022 in an offline format. But the war has demonstrated that children need special attention and support. Therefore, IT Future Conf has adapted to the new reality and took place in May 2022 in the online format, which enable students from Ukraine and other parts of the world to join the conference.

During the two-day event, the Members learned about tech education and the best universities for Information Technology majors. Our speakers are top industry leaders who know everything about the industry’s prospects and tips for building successful IT careers.

IT Future Mentors

In 2021, as part of IT Future, we launched IT Future Mentors – a project aimed at establishing cooperation between Lviv schools and IT companies to tell students about the IT industry specifics, share experiences, and boost learners’ interest in tech disciplines.

The IT Future Mentors is a unique project – for the first time, employees of Lviv IT companies have joined teaching in schools as part of it. They become mentors for high schoolers to lead their way in the tech industry world. Over the project’s existence, more than a dozen IT industry employees of diverse areas have joined it as mentors: QA engineers, recruiters, developers, business analysts, and designers. The cooperation between schools and mentors is built concerning both parties’ needs and opportunities. Classes can take place as part of the computer science lessons and in the form of electives.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project has been adapted to new realities.

ІT Future: Next Generation

In March 2019, we launched IT Future: Next Generation – a free online education course consisting of a series of video lessons, workshops, and webinars held by the best IT experts who share basic knowledge and IT industry insights.

You can view webinars on our YouTube channel

During 2017-2018, Lviv IT Cluster actively organized IT company tours for schoolchildren of Lviv and the region. During these visits, high school students got acquainted with how the company’s work is organized, communicated with specialists, and learned more about disciplines and educational institutions to get quality IT education.

FAQ on the project
How to get on a tour?

Contact us at info@itcluster.lviv.ua.

What students will learn?

Students will learn ways to become an IT specialists and work specifics.

How much does the IT tour cost?

IT tour is free. All you need is to register beforehand