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IT Village

Suburban space for tech professionals which aims to unite like-minded people who work in the tech industry and share common interests in a safe place for a comfortable living.


About the project

Our residents form a proactive community of good neighbors, where responsibility and cooperation are the most important values. Residents of IT Village jointly take care of the entire residential area, they are mindful of the environment surrounding their homes and what IT Village will look like in the future.

After the start of the full-scale invasion, safety has become one of the IT Village’s highest priorities. Every house type allows for adding a reliable shelter to the construction plan at the design or even at the early construction stage. Most residents have already planned comfortable shelters in their houses.


Benefits of the project
IT Village is built on the idea of a good neighborhood where residents spend a lot of time together. You will share the space with the representatives of the tech industry, with whom you feel comfortable both at work and beyond it.
Smart security tech and round-the-clock guards surely make one feel safe. In IT Village, apart from tech, the critical element of a safe environment is the people around you. A feeling of complete security for your family and property is possible thanks to the trust of the neighbors and the “neighborhood watch”.
We have taken care of everything vital for a comfy living – bicycle lanes, a park to go jogging or for a walk and the road in perfect condition that leads to your home. Seamless commuting routes and places for rest and activities are available here.
Freedom for decision-making
One of our project’s values is the opportunity to influence what your home will look like. In IT Village, we consider your wishes at all stages of our cooperation: you can choose the land and its size where your house will be built, the house type out of 5 available ones. Together with your neighbors, you will also influence the appearance of the surrounding area.
Living in a beautiful place
IT Village gives you an opportunity to live in a picturesque location surrounded by nature near the Navariya lake, spacious green fields, and a pine forest. A breathtaking view from the window will inspire you for a productive workday.
Individual payment schedule
We do our best to make a home in IT Village a reality for every family. For your convenience, we offer interest-free installment plans and an individual payment schedule.


About house types

IT Village is a space in which aesthetics is beheld in every detail: the 5 house types differ in the number of stories and planning but are united by one style concept, thus creating a. Paved driveways lead to all houses, whilst sidewalks and bike lanes are provided throughout the area. The design ensures that nothing will detract from the aesthetics and allow residents to enjoy life in a picturesque natural environment.


Тype 1

The house of the first type comprising 124 sq.m and a land area of 0,03 hectares, has 2 bedrooms and a guest room on the first floor. The living room and the kitchen are located on the ground floor, and a separate bathroom is located on the ground and first floors. This type of house also has a canopy for 1 car and an outdoor terrace.

Тype 2

House type 2 is a one-story house comprising 149 sq.m and a land area of 0,07 hectares. The house has 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a pantry, a dressing room, a terrace, and a canopy for 2 cars.

Тype 3

If you have two or more children, we recommend considering options starting from the third type. On the house area of 186 sq.m, there are 3 bedrooms on the first floor and a living room and a kitchen on the ground floor. The house includes a land area of 0,07 hectares, a canopy for 2 cars, and two terraces, one of which is located on the 1st floor.

Тype 4

The fourth type is a house of 202,2 sq.m and a land area of 0,09 hectares. This type, in addition to 3 bedrooms, has a study. The larger space also allows for building a garage for 2 cars and 2 terraces, one of which is covered.

Тype 4+

If you want to have more space, consider a house of 222,8 sq.m and a land area of 0,09 hectares. A house of this type has 3 bedrooms and a study located on the first floor. On the ground floor, there is a living room, a kitchen, and a dressing room. Besides, you get a garage for 2 cars and 2 terraces, one of which is covered.

How to join the project?

Any tech specialist may become a resident of IT Village.


  • Choose a house type
  • Pay a membership fee
  • Choose a payment method and installment plan
  • Sign a contract
Do you want to live in a community of like-minded people?